Car Wash Case Study: Wash Wizard

Location Summerville, SC.


Business Stand Alone Profit Center

Car Wash

Car Wash 180FT Express Tunnel


Brian Cook and Casey McKinley are car wash veterans. Back in 2018, they sold their 5 Express washes to a large national chain. When they had the opportunity to start fresh (again), they sought out to create the most perfect and complete customer experience at a car wash.

As backstory to their decision-making process, their original Wash Wizard opened in 2005 as a chain of high-end self-service facilities with in-bay automatics. Watching the explosion of express-exterior tunnels with free vacuums and pay stations across the country, the team changed course in 2011 and launched their first Wash Wizard Express-Exterior tunnel with pay stations and free vacuums. Rapid expansion and conversion of their self-serve locations culminated in a powerful regional brand. A brand name that they retained ownership of when they sold their tunnels – which is where this story begins.

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Armed with decades of car wash experience and in possession of the Wash Wizard name, the team got to work. Building on the Wash Wizard name, they explored every avenue to refine their designs to resonate more deeply with customers. Reimagining and creating their vision for the express car wash of the future.


Wash Wizard created the next generation of express car washes by leveraging Sonny’s Equipment, Vacuum, Marketing and Signage Solutions. The outcome: A full-fledged magical theme park experience with a 180-foot express tunnel, equipped with Sonny’s Latest Innovations. Driving through is an experience of vivid lighting, themed graphics, and epic foam.

In order to wow the customer, Brian and Casey knew they’d have to implement a cool visual experience filled with memorable graphics and an impressive light show. They turned to Sonny’s Signage who brought their vision to life. They developed a theme that establish the different wash packages. Bundled together with the arches and light show helps reinforce each package’s value

Among the final creations is an arch with a fire breathing dragon, rainbow lighting and a children’s book!

Unique Features

Pay Station Welcome
Ceramic & Fusion
Wash Options
Magical Directional Signage
Branded Experience
Extra Wide Vacuum
Parking Spaces

And if you took all of that branding away, you’d be left with the crown jewel, a carefully orchestrated wash experience. Cleaner, drier, and shinier is just the beginning. Conscientious management, meticulous training, and operational excellence contribute to a customer value proposition that’s hard to beat.