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Car Wash Tunnel Equipment Experts

4 Steps to Car Wash Business Success

Step 1:
Sonny's Car Wash College

CarWash College

Hands-on Car Wash Training to Plan, Manage, and Grow Your Car Wash Business.

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Step 2:
Sonny's Car Wash Equipment

Car Wash Equipment

Best Selling Car Wash Equipment to Improve Wash Quality and Simplify Maintenance.

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Step 3:
Sonny's Car Wash Controls

Car Wash Controls

Affordable Car Wash Controls to Deliver Profitability Across Your Locations.

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Step 4:
Sonny's Car Wash Parts

Car Wash Parts and Supplies

12,000 Car Wash Supplies with $12 Million in Inventory to Keep Your Business Running.

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Why Choose Sonny's?

Total Car Wash Business Offering:

SONNY'S is a one-stop shop with all the car wash equipment, parts, education, software, and car wash innovations to keep your business growing.

Car Wash Industry Leadership:

SONNY'S sells more conveyorized car wash equipment than anyone in the world. This allows us to be instantly market responsive with new product innovations, better equipment quality, delivery, and service.

Car Wash Business Expertise:

SONNY'S has been washing cars since 1949 and has over 850 years of automatic car wash equipment operations experience in our network. We use this knowledge and unique experience to help drive your car wash business forward.

News & Notices

SONNY'S Enterprises, Inc. partners with Sentinel Capital Partners.

Learn how SONNY'S can now more rapidly deliver the innovations our clients need to grow their businesses.

2017 Car Wash Industry Outlook