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Comprehensive hands-on training to plan, manage, maintain, and grow your business.


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Equipment Repair

Dive into 16 sessions that’ll teach you how to reduce business crippling downtime by taking control of emergencies. Learn how to repair conveyors, wrap-arounds, side washers, tire brushes, OMNI pressure systems and blowers.

Equipment Maintenance

14 sessions to teach you how to prevent downtime, extend equipment life, and simplify your PM program. Learn how to maintain a car wash facility, variables that affect the end product and preventive maintenance on key pieces of equipment.

Coming Soon

Car Wash Management

Maximize employee productivity and elevate customer satisfaction in this 20 session course. Learn what employees need to know to handle damage claims, deal with problem cars, manage operational costs, and much more.

Introduction to CarWashing

Learn basics of working at a car wash site to maintain a safe environment. This course offers car wash safety requirements, best practices, tunnel and backroom walk-through and the proper guide on process in 6 sessions.

Why Choose Sonny's College?

Hands On

Our state-of-the-art equipment laboratory and collaborative learning environment allows participants to gain hands-on experience that is transferable to your wash the day they return to work.

Training Materials

Participants leave the college with complete documentation of every procedure, technique, and skill they learned – bringing back several lifetimes' worth of car washing experience in just 4 days!

Real Car Wash

CarWash College instructors have washed over 100 million cars and have owned, operated, or managed over 200 car wash locations.


Real training with real testing and certification ensures your staff will gain the necessary skills to make a positive impact upon your operation..

90-Day Retrain Guarantee

If a CarWash College graduate leaves your business within 90 days after completing a course, our 90-Day Retrain Guarantee allows you to send a replacement employee to the same course with no additional tuition cost. The retrain registration must be made within the 90-day time frame following the last day of class the original employee attended.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the training that you received, contact us and we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

I'm a CarWash College believer now! I'm now making CarWash College mandatory for all new managers. I learned so much, and I've been in the industry 18 years!

New Investor Seminar

Car Wash Investors • Start Here

The Car Wash Investor Seminar is a single day introductory course designed to help familiarize both new and existing car wash business owners with the process of operating a car wash, including selecting a location, business financing, equipment selection, maintenance, and much more!


Existing Owners • Hone Your Skills

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Equipment Maintenance

Prevent downtime, extend equipment life, and simplify your PM program.

Equipment Repair

Reduce business crippling downtime by taking control of emergencies.


Maximize employee productivity and elevate customer satisfaction.

Multi-Site Management

Understand how to position yourself for further expansion by learning these industry best practices.

Fusion Tour

You'll gain access to a behind the scenes tour of car washes using the latest systems and processes that we have designed to help your business maximize its potential.


Understand your car wash management technology and how to use it to its greatest capability.

CarWash College Online

The best of what we teach in our classroom sessions with the added convenience and flexibility of online learning.

Read our monthly car wash business tips and tricks from professional car wash experts.

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