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Complete car wash management technology to deliver efficiency and profitability across your locations.

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Access virtually everything you need to know about your business – from dashboard widgets, detailed reports, incident tracking and more anytime, anywhere.


From interchangeable parts and modular, non-proprietary components to our single-touch interface, everything is designed to make your job easier.


We build technology that is designed to work seamlessly with your current setup – no matter where you bought your equipment.

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Built to support the latest in sales and marketing features, Sonny's Controls allows you to stay ahead of the competition.

Complete Car Wash Point-of-Sale
& Management System

Sonny's Controls makes it easy to manage every day aspects of your car wash operations – from employee scheduling to menu pricing – all from one central location that you can access anywhere.

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CarWash Controls POS System

We recently upgraded to Sonny's all-new POS sysem and we are completely blown away. It delivers the reports, tools, and features we need to keep our business running. It's so intuitive and simple to use that I couldn't imagine not having it!

Manage Every Aspect of Your Car Wash Online with the
Industry's Largest Cloud-Based Platform

Sonny's cloud-based car wash management software and POS systems help you elevate your security, efficiency, and profitability across every location.

Top Products

Car Wash Point-of-Sale (POS)

Car Wash
Point-of-Sale (POS)

Sonny's Point-of-Sale (POS) allows you to manage multiple sites from one easy-to-use interface. Share club plans, gift cards, washes, and employees across all sites with the click of a button.

Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS)

Car Wash
Mobile POS

Sonny's mPOS™ Mobile POS contains all the same functionality as our larger standard point of sale in a compact and lightweight design. Don't lose functionality because you need to be mobile.

Car Wash Tunnel Controller

Car Wash
Tunnel Controller

Sonny's Tunnel Controller gives you consistent reliability with an industrial PLC controller, cloud-based configuration, and integration with some of the top controllers in the industry.

Car Wash Pay Station

Car Wash

Sonny's PayStation provides you with everything you need to keep your Express Exterior wash moving quickly. Packed with rich features, it's designed to serve like an attendant.

License Plate Recognition System

Car Wash
License Plate
Recognition System

Don't make customers get out of their car to sign-up for your unlimited plan – Sonny's LPR™ License Plate Recognition System lets them register and pay directly from the Pay Station.

Car Wash Digital Menu

Car Wash
Digital Menu

Engineered specifically for outdoor use, this LED display is readable in direct sunlight, withstands extreme ambient temperatures, and is both impact and vandal-resistant.

Car Wash Fail-Safe Hot Spot

Car Wash
Fail-Safe Hot Spot™

Our Fail-Safe Hotspot™ enables you to keep working without interruptions when your primary Internet Service Provider isn't available, making internet outages a thing of the past.

Stand-Alone PLC Functional Controllers

Car Wash
Stand-Alone PLC Functional Controllers

Labor-saving automated PLC Functional Controllers reduce operating costs. Designed for everything from adjusting conveyor speed on demand, managing vehicle queue at gates and automatically processing trucks by detecting both open and covered truck beds.

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