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Comprehensive hands-on training to plan, manage, maintain, and grow your business.

Why Attend CarWash College

Get hands-on training to plan, manage, and grow your car wash business. Established in 2006, SONNY'S CarWash College, the industry-recognized authority for conveyor car wash training, has successfully trained thousands of students. These comprehensive training programs are designed to be non-brand specific and 95% of what a student learns during training is transferable to any type of conveyor car wash.

Car Wash Investors • Start Here

Join SONNY'S CarWash College for the Car Wash Investor Seminar: a one-day, accelerated course designed to help familiarize you with the processes and nuances of operating a car wash, including location selection, financing, selecting and maintaining equipment, and much more!

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Existing Owners • Hone Your Skills


5-Day Hands-On Training

Graduates of this program return to their washes with the knowledge and confidence to repair 67 of the most common equipment and component failures.


5-Day Hands-On Training

Equipment that is "over worked" results in decreased efficiency. Implementing an effective preventative maintenance program will reduce downtime, saving you time and money.


5-Day Classroom Training

This program engages participants in learning about the human resource aspects of a professional car wash operation and the importance of creating a competitive advantage.

Multi-Site Mgmt.

5-Day Classroom Training

This course gives you the tools and training you need to understand the technology and daily operational procedures to manage employees and succeed across your entire enterprise.

I'm a CarWash College believer now! I'm now making CarWash College mandatory for all new managers. I learned so much, and I've been in the industry 18 years!

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