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Car Wash Business Training

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Why SONNY'S CarWash College?

Step Up Your Knowledge: Get hands-on training to plan, manage, and grow your car wash business. Established in 2006, SONNY'S CarWash College, the industry-recognized authority for conveyor car wash training, has successfully trained thousands of students. These comprehensive training programs are designed to be non-brand specific and 95% of what a student learns during training is transferable to any type of conveyor car wash.

We saw potential in Mike, our manager, for some extra cross-training in car wash equipment maintenance. So we sent him to CarWash College, and WOW - what a result! He returned to our car wash able to perform new tasks, saving us precious time.

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Join SONNY'S CarWash College for the Car Wash Investor Seminar: a one-day, accelerated course designed to help familiarize you with the processes and nuances of operating a car wash, including location selection, financing, selecting and maintaining equipment, and much more!

Professional Services

In addition to our courses, CarWash College offers special on-site services to help you understand your investment in the car wash business.
Select from the services below, or contact us to let us know how we can help your business.

car wash equipment audit

Equipment Audit

Whether you are considering purchasing an existing car wash business or you're uncertain whether your equipment is delivering the highest-quality product possible, the Car Wash Equipment Audit can help you sort out your business needs.

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car wash site evaluation

Site Evaluation

Due diligence is often viewed as a grueling process but, a necessary one. Knowing exactly what you are purchasing, what needs to be repaired and the costs associated with those repairs is critical to making a good and informed business decision.

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