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In-Person and Online With Industry Experts

Hands-on Training


State-of-the-art equipment labs and collaborative learning environments located in Tamarac, FL and Phoenix, AZ. Gain hands-on experience that is transferable to your wash.

Real Certifications


Real training with real testing and certification ensures your staff will gain the necessary skills to make a positive impact that drives savings.

Real CarWash Experts

Real CarWash

Our Instructors have washed over 100 million cars and combined have owned, operated, or managed over 200 car wash locations.

Comprehensive Training Materials

Training Materials

Participants leave with complete documentation of every procedure, technique, and skill they learn— a lifetime worth of car washing experience.

New CarWash Investors, Start Here

Strategically plan your entrance into the industry or the growth of your car wash business. The CarWash Investor Seminar is a single day introductory course designed to help familiarize both new and existing car wash business owners with the process of operating a car wash, including selecting a location, business financing, equipment selection, maintenance, and much more!

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Existing Owners • Certify Your Crew

In-person classes allow participants to get certified and network with industry experts and car wash operators

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Investor Seminar

On Campus Only

Get familiarize in the industry to plan, finance and maintain a successful car wash business.

Investor Seminar

On Campus Only
  • Industry Overview
  • Capital and Operational Cost
  • Securing Financing
  • Finding and Evaluating Car Wash Locations
  • Car Wash Equipment
  • The Turn-Key Solution

Equipment Maintenance

On Campus or Online

Prevent downtime, extend equipment life, and simplify your PM program.

Equipment Maintenance

On Campus or Online
  • Types of Equipment
  • Facility Cleanliness
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Variables that Affect the End Product
  • Conveyor: Pre-Wash
  • Light Touch Equipment
  • Finish: Support Equipment
  • Chemical Maintenance

Equipment Repair

On Campus or Online

Reduce business crippling downtime by taking control of emergencies.

Equipment Repair

On Campus or Online
  • Over-Under Conveyor
  • Light Touch Equipment Repairs
  • Tire Brush
  • High Pressure Equipment
  • Finish and Support Equipment
  • Controls Overview
  • Water Treatment Overview


On Campus or Online

Maximize employee productivity and elevate customer satisfaction.


On Campus or Online
  • What Employees need to know
  • What Managers Need to Know
  • Holding Effective Meetings
  • Managing People
  • Finding Good People and Matching People to the Job
  • Face-to-Face Interviewing
  • The Human Resource Advantage
  • Coaching Existing Employees
  • Managing Chemistry
  • Analyzing Financial Results
  • Managing Operational Costs
  • Social Media Marketing

Multi-Site Management

On Campus Only

Understand how to position yourself for further expansion by learning the industry best practices.

Multi-Site Management

On Campus Only
  • Defining the Multi-Site Manager Job
  • Recipe for Clean, Dry and Shiny
  • Managing All-Stars
  • Installing Safety
  • Human Resource Advantage
  • Incentive Programs
  • Finance and Economy
  • Hiring the Right People
  • Site Visits and Effective Meetings
  • Beyond Cost Per Car

Sonny’s Controls Training

On Campus Only
Coming Soon Online

Understand your car wash management technology and how to use it to its greatest capability.

Sonny’s Controls Training

On Campus Only
  • Back Office
  • Pay Station
  • LPR and Smart Queue
  • POS Interface
  • PLC and STC (Chemistry and Tunnel Controls)

Fusion Tour

On Site Only

Behind the scenes tour of car washes using the latest systems and process by Sonny’s.

Fusion Tour

On Site Only
  • Car Wash Tunnel Tour
  • Back Room Walk-Thru
  • Increase Average Ticket
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • The Fusion Process
  • Ceramic X3 Chemistry

Introduction to CarWash

Online Only

Learn the basics of working at a car wash to maintain a safe environment to ensure success.

Introduction to CarWash

Online Only
  • Introduction to Conveyorized Car Washing
  • Best Safety Practices
  • Paystation Walk-Through
  • Tunnel Walk-Through
  • Loading Cars
  • Vac Area Walk-Through
  • Chemistry 101

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Introduction to CarWash $24.99
Equipment Maintenance $49.99
Equipment Repair $49.99
Management $49.99

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Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the CarWash College training that you’ve received, contact us and we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

90 Day Retrain Guarantee

90 Day Retrain Guarantee

If a CarWash College graduate leaves your business within 90 days of completing a course, our Retrain Guarantee allows you to send a replacement employee to the same course at no additional cost.

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