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FreshZone Slow Release Pouch & Container
Material ID: 40012550
FreshZone Slow Release Pouch & Container
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FreshZone Slow Release Pouch & Container

• What if you could keep your car smelling pleasant – even on the hottest of days? Fortunately, you can. Our Fresh Zone Slow-Release Pouches are the perfect solution for maintaining freshness. 

• Made with 80% pure sodium chlorite at work, you can activate these pouches by opening the sealed bag, following the instructions located on the plastic holder it is inside of, and placing in a snug manner under your car seat.

• The pouch, which acts as a mini air-purifying unit, will remain effective for 30 to 45 days. Though these pouches are not designed to take away strong odors such as cigarette smoke, they serve to keep an odorless, enclosed area (of up to 300 square feet) refreshed 24/7.

• #40012550 Includes: (1) Slow Release Pouch & (1) Starter Container 

• #40012551 Slow Release Pouch refills sold separately

Type Odor Eliminator
Brand FreshZone
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