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CarWash Multi-Site Management Program


Managing multiple sites in today’s fast-paced environment is a challenging and difficult task.Our new multi-site class will give you the tools and training you need to understand the technology, manage employees and daily operations/procedures you need to put in place in order to succeed.

You’ll learn how to define the multi-site manager’s job function, the importance of setting the right culture, creating superior customer service, how to set up your mobile office for success, analyze financial reports, host effective meetings with site managers, safety compliance, vendor management, and more!

Course Agenda

What you'll learn in this course

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  • Introduction
  • Conveyor Niche from 50K feet
  • Defining the multi site manager’s job
  • Recipe for clean, dry, and shiny
  • Managing all Stars
  • Safely Installing Safety
  • The Human Resource Advantage
  • Incentive Programs That Work
  • Multi Site Finance
  • Site Visits and Effective Meetings
  • Beyond Cost Per Car
  • The Economy and the Car Wash Business
  • Keeping your Brand Top of Mind
  • Open Car Wash Forum
  • Training Consistency Across Multiple Sites

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