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Car Wash Management Training I


A differentiation advantage is achieved when you deliver customer benefits – better than your competitor.

Human Talent, your single greatest asset, can help you get there. How? By developing that talent.

More and more organizations are recognizing that in order to gain a competitive advantage, they need to make sure their people know how to handle themselves professionally when relating to customers and peers.

Any company trying to compete must figure out a way to engage the mind of nearly every employee.Jack Welch, Former CEO - General Electric

Investing in your employees encourages them to apply their tacit knowledge and soft skills – enhancing their self-worth and strengthening their commitment to your company’s performance. They are your only asset that cannot be replicated by your competitor. After all, they are “the company” from a customers’ viewpoint.

Educating, training and developing human talent is a critical success factor in creating or strengthening a competitive advantage. Our 5-day Management I program focusing on Express Exterior models, engages participants in learning about the human resource aspects of a professional car wash operation and the importance of creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

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Course Agenda

What you'll learn in this course:
  • Day 1: Monday

    An introduction to CarWash College

    Managing people

    What employees need to know

    What managers need to know

    Scheduling best practices

  • Day 2: Tuesday

    Finding good people

    Matching people to the job

    Face-to-face interviewing

    New employee orientation

    Holding effective meetings

  • Day 3: Wednesday

    How to train new employees

    How to coach existing employees

    Customer and employee relations

    How to deal with problem cars

    Handling damage claims

  • Day 4: Thursday

    Analyzing financial results

    Managing operational costs

    Systems & reporting

    Holding people accountable at a car wash

  • Day 5: Friday



    Graduation luncheon

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