Fast Lap Case Study

Car Wash Case Study

Fast Lap Car Wash

This new express wash is exploring how a car wash business can fit right in with a master planned retail campus.

What do you get when you bring a shopping center commercial retail mentality to the car wash industry? You get Fast Lap – a new express wash operation that opened its first location earlier this year in Maryvale, Arizona – just outside of Phoenix.

Join Anthony Analetto, President of Sonny’s Equipment division, on a behind the scenes look at a brand-new car wash owned by Red Mountain Retail Group – an organization with over a hundred shopping centers to their credit. Here at this location Rick Hutton had an outparcel available… and rather than lease it out, he and his partners decided to dip their toe in the car wash business. And now… they’re ready to take the plunge.

Learn how Fast Lap is one more example of how we’re seeing the express car wash model entering the mainstream of the American economy - bringing their shopping center experience to bear here in the car wash industry and using outparcels to do so.

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