Car Wash Equipment

Car Wash Equipment

Why Choose SONNY'S Car Wash Equipment?

SONNY'S sells more car wash tunnel equipment than anybody in the world with a product proudly designed, built, and backed in the USA. We aren't just an assembly house: we're true manufacturers. This allows us to be instantly market-responsive with new product innovations, better equipment quality, and faster delivery.

Designed here. Built here. Backed here.

With world-class installation and support through SONNY'S industry-leading network of Select Service Organizations (SSOs), over 12 million dollars in ready-to-ship inventory, and straightforward design using an open architecture comprised of minimally-proprietary components, SONNY'S is a total carwash business solution.

Tunnel Systems

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SONNY'S complete car wash tunnel systems are designed to meet your specific requirements - tunnels under 100 ft., over 100 ft., Xtreme Xpress and Fleet-O-Matic.

Tunnel Equipment

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SONNY'S tunnel equipment delivers unparalleled safety and reliability, while improving customer satisfaction and maximizing your profitability. View our conveyors, support equipment, and more.

Support Equipment

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Enhance your car wash tunnel with SONNY'S variety of support equipment ranging from Control Systems and Vacuum Systems to Dispensing Stations and Custom Signage.


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SONNY'S has detailed car wash product manuals, pricing and specs, case study videos, site layouts and more to help guide you in building and maintaining your car wash.

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