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Why work with Sonny's?

Sonny's CarWash Consulting combines the most advanced technologies and latest practices with years of hands-on experience managing real-world carwashes throughout the Unites States.

We understand the unique business challenges that arise from various models, geographies, and competitive environments, and we're here to help your operation succeed under any circumstances.

Get The Answers You Need

OneWash™ Choice members get a free 5-year revenue projection and break-even analysis based on your business model and site-specific market characteristics.

Sonny's consulting can help you to determine whether — and when — your business will turn a profit. Our proprietary 5-year revenue projection model considers the implications of several key factors in determining your income and operating costs, beginning with your business type, pricing and packaging structure, and operating costs. We also examine other critical success factors that impact your bottom line, including site-specific facets such as local traffic, capture rates, and car counts. With Sonny's consulting, you'll have the knowledge you need to move forward on your project and invest with confidence.


Car Wash Site Evaluation

A thorough survey of your site's potential to perform in the market, complete with a written analysis of market demographic characteristics and local competition. With Sonny's car wash site evaluation services, you'll know exactly what you're purchasing, including how to improve or re-configure a site to achieve your business objectives.

In the commercial car washing industry, your decisions about the physical location of your new car wash facility are amongst the earliest and most important choices that you can make. As a part of this decision-making process, you must objectively evaluate the ways in which these early choices will impact your bottom line. This means applying a set of site selection criteria to either a new lot or an existing business in a process called site analysis.

Our approach to site analysis is programmatic: we begin by examining the statistically-quantifiable characteristics of the target market, including several dimensions that we've identified as important to the car wash industry, such as growth, mobility, and other metrics. Next, our team closely examines the area's market conditions and any potential competitors to build a holistic view of the local economic environment and provide you with clear, concise feasibility analysis. Finally, we look at the physical characteristics of the site itself, including code requirements, green space, zoning, utilities, visibility, and more, informing you whether any of your site's attributes fall outside of the norm for your business model.

We ask:

  • Does the component assist or hinder your goals?
  • Is the component compatible with what you'd like to add to the overall system in the future?
  • How much will it cost to produce a memorable experience while simultaneously delivering a consistent, competitive wash quality?

Expert feedback

In addition, our team will perform a tunnel experience audit and provide expert feedback to help you construct a more customer-centric car wash experience and increase your average per-car revenue.

On-Site Car Wash Equipment Audit

A comprehensive, on-site evaluation of your car wash equipment, controls, chemistry, applicators, and water management systems. This report contains a detailed analysis that prioritizes the actions that will contribute to improved wash consistency and performance. You'll also receive recommendations for repairing, refurbishing, and/or replacing any underperforming or malfunctioning equipment.

Since your car wash equipment represents a substantial portion of the fixed assets at your car wash, equipment audits are usually considered to be equally as important as any building and/or ground inspections that you'll perform prior to purchasing an existing site. Our highly-trained inspectors assess the capabilities of your car wash equipment, ensuring that each component works as expected and delivers consistent, high-quality results.

During the service, an expert consultant will evaluate your equipment, analyze the chemistry and chemical applicator, determine wash quality, and provide you with a written, honest report complete with suggestions on how to help you operate efficiently.

CAD / 3-D Tunnel Layouts

Visualize how your tunnel will appear and function well before construction begins with 3-D site layouts created by Sonny's professional design team.

Pro forma Projections

Evaluate when your business will break even and develop a five-year growth.

Pre-Construction Meetings

At your request, Sonny's consulting can attend your general contractor's pre-construction meeting and act as your equipment advocate, helping to ensure that the proper steps are taken to avoid potential delays with equipment delivery and installation.

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