Car Wash Case Study: Googie Car Wash

Car Wash Case Study

Googie Car Wash

The future is bright!

What is a Googie? To answer that question we talked to Dan Kassel, CEO and owner of Googie Car Wash in Whittier, California.

A Googie is a type of architectural design - the 1950s futuristic look represented by structures such as the original McDonald's building design. This style is a central theme of Googie Car Wash.

Dan is relatively new to the car wash industry. Five years ago, he went through an express car wash as a customer for the first time and was hooked. The search for a car wash began immediately. When he stumbled upon a derelict retro car wash, he knew that was the one to buy.

As an existing historical site, it was challenging to update Googie Car Wash. The city's zoning laws forbid automatic car washes, such as rollovers behind gas stations, but the age of the ordinance was well before express car washes even existed. Dan successfully lobbied the town to let him restore Googie as an express car wash.

Dan reaches customers through targeted Facebook and Instagram marketing, geofenced special offers and a Jetsons-inspired robot mascot named Starla. This outreach has paid off quite well - in just a few weeks, Googie added several hundred members to their wash club. Wash options include Basic, Bright, Brighter and Brilliant. As you may notice, all of their packages have names that are reflective of the wash's retro-futuristic ambiance.

Googie Car Wash uses the Sonny's CarWash Controls with car wash POS system and automated pay station. The conveyor wash process operates without human intervention and includes license plate readers, a self-pay station and gated entry to the tunnel. Being in an urban area, Googie likes that their kiosk can be inside of a protective cabinet, and they enjoy the customization and control it gives them, even when not at the car wash.

Dan wants customers to leave happy because he knows that even a simple smile can be the bright spot in someone's day. With plans for additional locations and expanding their brand, the future is bright for Googie Car Wash.

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