Car Wash Case Study: AquaBlue

Car Wash Case Study

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Aqua Blue Self-Serve Car Wash Conversion to Fusion Express Tunnel

Georgia Car Wash Owner Scores Renovation Magic with In-Bay Conversion

In the land of peaches and pecans, veteran car wash owner Scott Oster has worked every angle the industry has to offer from selling chemicals and building express washes to running self-serve and in-bay automatic car washes. Scott wanted to either sell or renovate a few underperforming sites he currently owned and managed. So he set his sights on an older wash in Cumming, GA just north of Atlanta. That location housed 2 in-bay automatics and 5 self-serve bays—but not for long!

Although Scott has decades of car wash industry experience, the site still presented a challenge. Should he demolish the site and start from scratch or salvage parts of some existing structures and renovate? Scott chose to do both. After careful consultation with a local design build firm, he kept the in-bay automatic side along with their equipment rooms and three of the self-serve bays. Two self-serve bays were demolished. Scott was able to keep project costs down by renovating the shell of the remaining structure rather than tearing it down. And since the renovated wash did not require an expanded footprint, curb cuts remained the same enabling easier zoning permits with county officials.

Today, after 3 ½ months, it's home to a state-of-the-art 110' conveyorized express wash tunnel with 14 free vacuum spots and 2 high-tech Sonny's pay stations. The renovated site also features Sonny's Fusion™ Guard process complete with signs and lighting. Scott decided to work with Sonny's for the expanded layout and new pay stations and controllers.

Along with the new facelift, Scott incorporated the Fusion™ process into new menu designs as part of the rebranding effort, which starts with Aqua Blue's Aqua Shield package lineup. Monthly unlimited club plans are up to 800 members in the first three months, which Scott says is right on target and aligned with what he expected after the renovation.

The community reaction to Aqua Blue's transformation to a state-of-the-art conveyorized tunnel has been nothing short of spectacular and judging by the growth in monthly membership plans, a big hit with customers.

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