"Our decision to work with SONNY'S was the single most important factor in our early success. We came into this business without any industry experience and SONNY'S incredible team helped us get off the ground."

Tom D'Eri, COO/Co-Founder - Rising Tide Car Wash, Parkland, FL
New Car Wash Investors

New Car Wash Investors

What you need to know to maximize the potential return on your investment

  • Explore Car Wash Types
  • Evaluate Car Wash Properties
  • Compare Car Wash Financing
  • Estimate Investment Costs
We make car washing easy!
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"SONNY'S Buff-n-Dry machine has helped us raise our average ticket. We're only giving the Buff-n-Dry service with our top three wash packages, which now account for over 50% of our volume and the Buff-n-Dry helped us get there."

Ronnie Corbin, Owner - Legends Car Wash, Plano, TX
Conveyorized Operators

Conveyorized Operators

What you need to know to get a consistently clean, dry, shiny car every time

  • Fine Tune Application
  • Maximize Chemistry
  • Evaluate Equipment Configuration
  • Review New Innovations
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"When I converted our first in-bay automatic to a Mini Tunnel, the jump in revenue far exceeded my projections. Now with the second conversion complete, I can confirm that SONNY’S proformas are woefully conservative."

Charlie Bell, Owner – American Pride Car Wash, Wake Forest, NC
Self-Serve Operators

Self-Serve Operators

What you need to know to earn customer loyalty and raise ticket averages

  • Raise Ticket Averages
  • Drive Car Wash Volume
  • Earn Customer Loyalty
  • Elevate Customer Service
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"We're up 75% in volume some months and that's in less than one year. With the Mini Tunnel, we're able to wash 40 cars an hour compared to 10 cars an hour from the rollover it replaced. Sonny’s has been great."

Chris Dudar, Operations Manager – Edwards Station Service Center, CO
Petroleum Operators

Petroleum Operators

What you need to know to make real money with a mini car wash tunnel

  • Increase Throughput
  • Raise Average Tickets
  • Eliminate Downtime
  • Maximize Profitability
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SONNY'S Tunnel Equipment is the best selling conveyorized car wash equipment in the world with products proudly designed and built in the USA!

SONNY'S CarWash Parts stocks 12,000 items, manufactures replacement parts for 13 OEMs, and offers same day shipping on orders placed by 4PM EST.

SONNY'S CarWash Controls is the industry's only cloud-based solution to increase revenue, control labor, and reduce operating expense.

SONNY'S CarWash College delivers hands-on training in maintenance, repair, and management. It's where the car wash industry comes to learn.

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Right Parts.
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Real Operators.
Real Training.
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Everything you need to know to start, grow and succeed in the car wash industry.

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