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SONNY’S Mammoth™ Air Drying System

SONNY’S Mammoth™ Air Drying System features a compact blower that dries the side of a vehicle from the wheel to the top of the highest SUV – the ideal primary side drying solution for short tunnels as well as a perfect finishing dryer for high volume locations.


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Designed exclusively for the car wash industry, this robust system has everything a car wash needs to run efficiently and profitably.

Tunnel Controller

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Lower clearance & wider range with fewer bearings and grease points!

Pay Station

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Custom branding, 'Plug & Play' maintenance, built-in security door, & enhanced club sales!


Digital Menu

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Upsell packages, club plans, promotions, & schedule menu rotations - all from the cloud!

Tire Seal

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Lower Clearance & Wider Range with Fewer Bearings and Grease Points!

Double Drop Vacuum Boom

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New boom accommodates dual drop systems for increased volume. Boom has longer arms to easily reach cargo areas.

Barber Pole Brush™

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Improves your customer experience with a swirling visual effect. Mix and match color options – over 100 combinations! Durable material delivers a superior clean.


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Mitter material holds more water and soap for improved wash quality while remaining quiet on the vehicle. This heavy duty material is long lasting and maintains a great appearance, car after car.

Central Vacuum System

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Redesigned separator features 6” inlet/outlet to accommodate either 6” or 4” trunk lines.

Tire & Wheel Brushes

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High-performance cleaning that removes road grime and loosens both break dust and dirt from wheels. Preps tires for dressing.

View Sample Site Layouts

View a selection of full-serve, flex-serve, express-exterior, and Xtreme Xpress mini tunnel car wash site layouts to help you plan your next car wash project.

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Articles and content to help you build, buy, or grow your car wash business, along with helpful tips to improve wash quality, improve operations, get more customers, get more out of labor, and manage risk at your car wash business.

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