Car Wash Innovations


Duck Bill Blower Nozzle

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SONNY’S Duck Bill Blower Nozzle multiplies the power of two blower producers into a single concentrated stream of air that surpasses the drying capacity of two independent blowers. Sonny’s Duck Bill solves three distinct challenges when used in different stages of the drying process.  First, as a Wet Environment nozzle the increased power displaces water more quickly.  Second, when used as a general drying option, the Duck Bill BlowerNozzle can eliminate “skunk stripe”.  And, third when used immediately before a Buff-n-Dry machine, this nozzle dramatically reduces residual water droplets to improve drying performance, and extend the capacity of your drying material.

30HP Vacuum Motor

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SONNY’S Central Vacuum Systems come in all different sizes from 7.5HP up to 25HP and can support up to 10 drops on one single system. Our vacuum systems are completely built in-house and all impellers are high-speed balanced for total quality control. We never want you to be down, so in the rare event that something should go wrong with your central vacuum turbine, SONNYS offers the only turbine swap program in the industry to keep you running while yours is being serviced.


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Sonny's Wick-A-Way Drying Material, available for Buff-n-Dry Top Brush and Wrap-Arounds, makes it easier than ever to WOW your customers. This durable 2-ply, dark Wick-A-Way drying material wicks residual microbeads of water away from the surface elevating customer satisfaction, while quickly shedding moisture for consistent performance all day long. Available with interchangeable shams that Velcro to the hub

Wick-A-Way can be changed quickly from one set to another, allowing you to start fresh every day.

Pipe Lite

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Sonny’s Exclusive Pipe Lite offers your customers an impressive light show using the most advanced technology in LED lighting. The convenient 120 volt, tubeless design means no bulbs to replace. The IP69K rated housing allows for continual operation during high pressure wash down from the daily rigors of your car wash. This durable and sustainable light show will help you increase your repeat business. The bright 6 foot light provides illumination to your tunnel, with no transformer required.

Vacuum Canopy Booms

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Sonny’s new Stainless Steel Vacuum Boom gives your Vacuum Canopies a sleek modern, clean look for great curb appeal.

Foaming Rain Bar

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Our clients asked us for a foamer that would provide complete coverage and a great customer experience. Sonny’s Foaming Rainbar does that and more; it does it with less foam delivered through precision formed ports and can be installed as a retrofit utilizing only two inches of space.

It can deliver multiple colors when supplied by up to three foaming generators. It’s easier to rinse and it’s ideal for smaller tunnels where space for additional equipment is more critical.

Mat Vacuum Holder

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Our clients asked us for a design that would allow customers to vacuum floor mats outside their vehicles. SONNY’S New Mat Vacuum Holder, provides a sturdy, clean surface with a secure mat clamp that makes vacuuming a breeze. It’s available in both single and double configurations, and it easily attaches to all SONNY’S Vacuum Boom Posts. 

Custom Trash Receptable

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Our clients asked us for a way to improve site appearance and branding that was easy to maintain. SONNY’S new stainless steel trash receptacle delivers that and more. Your logo is laser-cut directly into the side of the receptacle to improve site appearance and branding while requiring no periodic maintenance.

• Brushed stainless steel finish
• Custom laser-cut logo
• Mounts to all Sonny’s vacuum posts
• Optional black plastic tank enhances logo
  appearance and makes maintenance a breeze

Vacuum Hose Reel

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• Keeps your workspace SAFE AT ALL TIMES
• Connect Your Existing Central Vacuum
• System to a High-End Commercial Accesory High-Quality
• Commercial Hose Included- 1.5 Diameter x 50 ft Length
• Comes with WALL MOUNTED or CEALING MOUNTED options

Double Palooza

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SONNY’S Double-Palooza when used as a Foam Applicator delivers a satisfying show for your customers while controlling chemical consumption with miserly precision. The Double-Palooza affords precise control for thinner and airier application in the middle of the tunnel for easier rinsing of waxes and protectants. Or when used as a Waterfall Rinse, the Double-Palooza flushes foam from hard to rinse areas, such as door jambs and gutter rails.

Dual Counterweight Top Brush

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Our clients asked us for a Top Brush that would methodically clean the front, back, trunk, and top surfaces of vehicles in a confined space. Sonny’s DCW Top Brush unique design eliminates windshield “eyebrow” and more with consistency and durability. It rotates counterclockwise from the front grill to the center of the roof line, changing direction of the rotation to clockwise as it profiles every inch of the vehicle in a limited tunnel space, for a perfect clean everytime.

Wide Clearance Tire Brush

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Our clients asked us for an option to wash large pickup trucks and SUVs with oversized custom rims without reducing wash quality on compact vehicles. SONNY’S new passenger side retrofit kit increases vehicle width clearance while its innovative design allows the arm to reach fully into the narrowest rim. Easy to install onto an existing SONNY’S TBG 200 frame, this retrofit ensures equal customer satisfaction no matter what vehicles are popular in your market.
• Exclusive bent arm increases range of motion
• I-beam is cast from high-strength aluminum
   alloy for years of reliable service

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