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Entering the professional car washing industry should be a strategically-planned decision. It is a decision requiring a careful analysis of numerous factors, and a vast amount of knowledge in areas that usually, are unfamiliar to most people. Would you purchase any large ticket item without first determining the primary positive and negative aspects of that purchase? Leverage your investment by learning from some of the most knowledgeable and respected professionals in the car wash industry.

This 1-day seminar is the best investment of time and money you can make before you purchase. This information-packed seminar is the most comprehensive in the industry and provides you with knowledge in the following areas:

Industry Overview

Types of car washes Consumer historical trending and growth Current and future trending and growth – by wash type

Capital and Operating Costs

Estimating costs for modifying and/or constructing a site Maximizing profits – comparative profit and loss statements

Securing Finances

SBA financing options raditional lender financing options

Finding and Evaluating Potential Locations

Avoiding the 7 most common mistakes 15 major variables to consider

Car Wash Equipment

Advancements in wash technology Design principles

Purpose of Program

There was a time when staying competitive meant keeping up with the other guys. With the amount of competition coming into this explosive industry, just keeping up is no longer enough. This seminar offers attendees the ability to be competitive before breaking ground with your car wash project. After attending the New Investor Seminar, participants will know what to look for when finding, and evaluating, new locations. Also, the participants will obtain a clear understanding of the efforts that are required in order to successfully run any type of conveyor car wash. Participants will leave this seminar knowing the 7 most common mistakes made, how to avoid costly errors and how to be successful in the high-profit potential segment of the car wash industry.

Step Up

Your Expectations!
  • Step 1: Plan

    CarWash College:
    Hands-on training to plan, manage, and grow your business.
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  • Step 2: Improve

    CarWash Equipment:
    Best -selling equipment to improve wash quality and simplify maintenance.

  • Step 3: Control

    CarWash Controls:
    Affordable controls to deliver efficiency and profitability across your locations.

  • Step 4: Run

    CarWash Parts:
    12,000 Parts with 12 million in inventory to keep your business running.

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