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Car Wash Management II – 5 Days

Onsite/Classroom Training

Streamlining your production processes to achieve operational efficiency is not an easy accomplishment. Excelling in operational efficiency begins with implementing structured operational procedures. To accurately establish such a procedure would require at minimum, an in-depth analysis of a time-and-motion study. Time… a source of competitive advantage high in demand, yet limited in supply. Why sacrifice one competitive advantage to create another? CarWash College can help. The Management II training program directly correlates to the operational efficiency of your business – positively impacting your bottom line.

This program utilizes two training approaches; classroom and hands-on at an operating car wash. Considerable research supports the theory that hands-on training significantly increases the learners retention of the material trained on. By using a two-fold approach, participants in this program master the standardized procedures necessary to excel in operational efficiency. With 30% hands-on and 70% classroom training, this program delivers.

Principally developed for Full Serve models, this program teaches participants specific procedures on how to restructure your current production process which once implemented, will allow you to raise your ticket averages by capitalizing on your sales opportunities. This intensive program also covers staffing requirements, how to coach existing employees and tips for gaining “buy-in” from your employees.

  • Raise ticket averages
  • Increase customer retention
  • Minimize human resource costs

“Was very informational and knowledgeable. Very clear and I enjoyed it. Ready to put knowledge to work at my wash.”
-Alan Marr

“The topics and information presented in this program exceeded expectations.”
-Jim Walrod

“Very helpful. Instructor shows you a lot.” -Stephen Johnson “Great experience. Well worth it.”
-Charles Bronstein

Step Up

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  • Step 1: Plan

    CarWash College:
    Hands-on training to plan, manage, and grow your business.
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  • Step 2: Improve

    CarWash Equipment:
    Best -selling equipment to improve wash quality and simplify maintenance.

  • Step 3: Control

    CarWash Controls:
    Affordable controls to deliver efficiency and profitability across your locations.

  • Step 4: Run

    CarWash Parts:
    12,000 Parts with 12 million in inventory to keep your business running.

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