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These days, technology-based applications are woven into the fabric of our daily lives. In the car wash industry, there is an immediate need for the integration of sophisticated computerized systems in order to more effectively and efficiently operate a car wash business. Now that you have purchased your AutoPilot System, it is time to get familiarized with this high-tech equipment properly in order to maximize your profit potential.

These training programs enhance and expand on the training provided when the product was purchased. Why take additional training? To take charge of your profitability by becoming more proficient at programming and operating your AutoPilot System. Seamless Integration ~ Web-based Management and Reporting Interface ~ Automatic Backups all are standard with the AutoPilot family of products. Learn how to streamline operations and increase profits at your wash by utilizing the AutoPilot family of products. Task-specific training for the AutoPilot family of products is presented in a comprehensive 3-day training program.

  • WashPilot – tunnel control system
  • ProfitPilot – point of sale system
  • MotorMinder – a motor control center
  • Ancillary Systems – Automated Pay Stations, Gated Entry Systems and RFID Systems
  • You will gain a tremendous understanding of the full array of AutoPilot products and how to best utilize these to maximize your car wash. profitability. Even the most experienced operators will be able to pick up tips that can be put into immediate use to stay on top of employee management and labor costs; cash flow and theft; throughput levels and patterns and so much more.

    This course will teach you how to identify hidden opportunities to generate more revenues from your customers through programs such as gift cards, wash cards, loyalty programs and database marketing initiatives.

    AutoPilot is all about giving you the power to take control of your car wash with a “simply smarter solution.” This course takes that to the next level by teaching you how to get the most out of your AutoPilot system.

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