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Car Wash College: How to Build a Car Wash, Manage a Car Wash,Car Wash Maintenance

Why SONNY'S CarWash College?

Step Up Your Knowledge: Get hands-on training to plan, manage, and grow your business. Established in 2006, SONNY'S CarWash College, the industry-recognized authority for conveyor car wash training, has successfully trained thousands of students. These comprehensive training programs are designed to be non-brand specific and 95% of what a student learns during training is transferable to any type of conveyor car wash.
SONNY'S CarWash College Course Calendar

Training Courses

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Hands-on training – onsite or campus-based – in areas such as car wash maintenance, repair, and management.

New Investor Seminar

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Looking to build a car wash business? Strategically plan your car wash investment and avoid the 7 most common mistakes.

Marketing Services

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Building a car wash business requires a strong brand. Create an identity that convinces customers that your car wash business is the top choice.

On Site Services

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Know what needs to be repaired before buying a location or get an equipment audit to improve one you own.

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