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Sonny's has been washing cars since 1949 and has over 850 years of operations experience in our network. We use this knowledge and unique experience to deliver a total solution to help drive your car wash business forward.

Meet some of our contributing authors:

  • Anthony Analetto
    Anthony Analetto President, Sonny's CarWash Equipment

    Washing cars for over 30 years, Anthony Analetto serves as a President of Sonny's The CarWash Factory, creator of the Original Xtreme-Xpress Mini-Tunnel, and the largest manufacturer of conveyorized car wash equipment, parts, and supplies in the world. He can be reached at or at 800-327-8723 ext 104.

  • Bob Fox
    Bob Fox Instructor, Sonny's CarWash College

    Bob Fox has over 30 years industry experience and is an instructor at CarWash College™. Bob can be reached at or at 800-327-8723 ext 184.

  • Regi Flanagan
    Regi Flanagan Managing Director, Sonny's CarWash Controls

    Technology and operations executive with over 12 years of experience leading end-to-end technology solutions, growing existing companies, along with building and running tech startups. Regi can be reached at or at 800-327-8723 ext 168.

  • Richard Ovalles
    Richard Ovalles Lead Tech Support / Instructor, Sonny's CarWash College

    Richard Ovalles has 13 years of industry experience. He is the Lead Tech Support and an Instructor in the CarWash College. Richard can be reached at or at 800-327-8723 ext 115.

  • Jorge Jaramillo
    Jorge Jaramillo Technician/Instructor

    Jorge Jaramillo is a 20 year industry veteran and a nine year employee of Sonny's the CarWash Factory. He is involved in new product development, installation, and has won CarWash College Instructor of the Year. Jorge can be reached at

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