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2019 Case Studies

Aqua Blue Car Wash Case Study Video

Aqua Blue Car Wash

Peach Tree State Wash Renovation is Pure Magic

Join Scott Oster as he describes the renovation of an existing self-serve to a 110-foot express exterior tunnel. From design and permitting to marketing and technology upgrades Scott shares the decisions made to reopen to a huge success that customers are ecstatic about.

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Extreme Express Car Wash Case Study Video

Extreme Express Car Wash

First Time Owner Breathes Life into Silicon Valley Wash

Watch first-time car wash owner Robert Gallaher share the step by step process he took to shrink the learning curve and achieve immediate results before purchasing and renovating a struggling full-serve in San Jose, California to a state-of-the-art express-exterior tunnel.

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Magic Tunnel Study Video

Magic Tunnel Car Wash

Industry Veteran Launches New Car Wash Brand. Everything’s in the Details.

In this video, industry veteran Roger Beck details his recipe for starting a successful car wash chain from the ground up – to do it even better than before. Building new locations as fast as he can, Roger shares his insights on everything from branding and service offerings to pricing, marketing and leveraging the latest technology the industry has to offer.

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2018 Case Studies

Living Water Case Study Video

Living Water

First time investor success story

Learn how Chad Roach, a real estate developer by trade, turned an empty lot into an instant success with the right structure, car wash equipment, and a compelling.

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Scrubby's Case Study Video


Complete site conversion

Learn how the Howard brothers revitalized an aging site by converting a 30-year-old gas station into a spectacularly-popular express exterior car wash.

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Haffner's Energy Group Case Study Video

Haffner's Energy Group

Adding a profit center

Haffner's uses SONNY's Car Wash Controls to increase their profitability and integrate both their car wash and gas (petrol) station.

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Express exterior car wash stories from around the USA.

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Car wash business owners utilizing our latest tunnel.

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Adding new revenue streams in the convenience market.

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Auto dealers leveraging car washes to boost CSI.

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Put labor where the margin makes the most sense.

Polishing Tunnel

Polishing Tunnel Case Study Video

The latest in online and off-line polishing equipment.

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