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2021 Case Studies

Total Package Car Wash Case Study Video

Total Package Car Wash

Wash remotely thanks to the right technology and the right people

Robert Hagerman took the entrepreneurial leap into the car wash industry and he's brought his big-time tech and remote management experience to Lakeland Florida.

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Wash-N-Go Car Wash Case Study Video

Wash-N-Go Car Wash

Completely Renovated Full Service & Full Express

After years of operating as a Full Service car wash, the Gorant family wanted to increase productivity. The current layout and technology had become antiquated, prompting plans for a full demolition. While watching a Sonny’s Smart Queue video, Nick Gorant became interested and decided to visit a carwash to witness Sonny's latest Controls technology in action.

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2020 Case Studies

Wash Wizard Car Wash Case Study Video

Wash Wizard Car Wash

A cool visual experience filled with memorable graphics and an impressive light show

Brian Cook and Casey McKinley are car wash veterans. Back in 2018, they sold their 5 Express washes to a large national chain. When they had the opportunity to start fresh (again), they sought out to create the most perfect and complete customer experience at a car wash.

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Soapy Saddles Car Wash Case Study Video

Soapy Saddles Car Wash

Gas station and c-store integration goes hand-in-hand with car washing

Here in Horse Town, USA, Soapy Saddles Car Wash is king of the corral. This new express wash has been seamlessly integrated into a new gas station and c-store operation. And the use of Sonny’s Controls to sell at the pump, at the register, and at the PayStation is yielding amazing exposure for this new car wash business.

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Fast Lap Car Wash Case Study Video

Fast Lap Car Wash

Learn how a car wash business can fit right in with a master planned retail campus

A deep home run to right-center from the Milwaukee Brewers Cactus League ballpark might just land in the parking lot of Fast Lap Car Wash. In Maryvale, AZ this new express wash is exploring how a car wash business can fit right in with a master planned retail campus. Community involvement is the key to success for new owner, Rick Hutton.

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Monster Express Car Wash Case Study Video

Monster Express Car Wash

Elevate your average ticket and improve customer retention for your unlimited wash plan

Find out what it takes to buy a car wash business and transform the entire car wash management system in just 72 hours. Owner Anthony Analetto takes you on a behind the scenes look at this recent car wash conversion at Monster Express Car Wash in Stuart, Florida.

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Googie Car Wash Case Study Video

Googie Car Wash

Adapting a car wash from the 1960’s

Adapting a car wash from the 1960’s Googie architectural movement with the very latest in car washing equipment and technology, Googie Car Wash is a shining example of brand consistency and planning for success. Join owner Dan Kassel in Whittier, California, as he details the steps taken to ensure the future is bright at Googie Car Wash.

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Platinum Auto Spa Case Study Video

Platinum Auto Spa

Thrive in the most challenging climates

Proof that a well-run car wash business can thrive in the most challenging climates, Platinum Auto Spa delivers a premium express exterior wash experience to the 26,000 people of Aberdeen, South Dakota – where the average temperature is below freezing for five months of the year. Visit with owner Mike Carrels as he details how he leverages gas, c-store, laundry and a casino with his LPR-based unlimited plan to set his car wash revenue on fire.

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2019 Case Studies

Aqua Blue Car Wash Case Study Video

Aqua Blue Car Wash

Peach Tree State Wash Renovation is Pure Magic

Join Scott Oster as he describes the renovation of an existing self-serve to a 110-foot express exterior tunnel. From design and permitting to marketing and technology upgrades Scott shares the decisions made to reopen to a huge success that customers are ecstatic about.

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Extreme Express Car Wash Case Study Video

Extreme Express Car Wash

First Time Owner Breathes Life into Silicon Valley Wash

Watch first-time car wash owner Robert Gallaher share the step by step process he took to shrink the learning curve and achieve immediate results before purchasing and renovating a struggling full-serve in San Jose, California to a state-of-the-art express-exterior tunnel.

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Magic Tunnel Study Video

Magic Tunnel Car Wash

Industry Veteran Launches New Car Wash Brand. Everything’s in the Details.

In this video, industry veteran Roger Beck details his recipe for starting a successful car wash chain from the ground up – to do it even better than before. Building new locations as fast as he can, Roger shares his insights on everything from branding and service offerings to pricing, marketing and leveraging the latest technology the industry has to offer.

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2018 Case Studies

Living Water Case Study Video

Living Water

First time investor success story

Learn how Chad Roach, a real estate developer by trade, turned an empty lot into an instant success with the right structure, car wash equipment, and a compelling.

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Scrubby's Case Study Video


Complete site conversion

Learn how the Howard brothers revitalized an aging site by converting a 30-year-old gas station into a spectacularly-popular express exterior car wash.

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Haffner's Energy Group Case Study Video

Haffner's Energy Group

Adding a profit center

Haffner's uses SONNY's Car Wash Controls to increase their profitability and integrate both their car wash and gas (petrol) station.

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