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  • Marc-1 Car Wash

    "The guys at SONNY's really helped us get a package together that would work inside our existing tunnel. They recommended equipment to use, where to put vacuums, and complete site layouts. We must've gone back and forth 12 - 15 times until we found something that would work perfectly for us and SONNY'S handled every bit of that for us. We were real happy with that."

    Marcus Kittrell
    Marc-1 Car Wash
    Birmingham, AL

  • Splash & Dash

    "Alaska may be far from SONNY'S home in Florida, but distance does not matter to them. I could not be happier with the customer service and attention to our needs that SONNY'S provides."

    Jerry Timmons
    Splash & Dash
    Fairbanks, AK

  • 7 Flags Car Wash

    "SONNY'S Poodle Brush in conjunction with the OMNI have saved us countless labor hours. We no longer have to spend the costly manhours pre-cleaning & re-cleaning wheels."

    Jack Anthony
    7 Flags Car Wash
    Vallejo, CA

  • Cruiser's Car Wash

    "SONNY'S equipment seems to last longer. I like the way it's put together, I like the way it looks, and I like the way it acts. It's customer-friendly. It's gentle on the vehicles and quiet enough that customers aren't scared of the noise."

    Victor Vosburgh

    Cruiser's Car Wash
    Auburn, CA

  • Drive Thru Express Car Wash

    "Sonny's Omni 350 is the best high pressure wash equipment on the market. It cleans the difficult wheels better than anything I've ever seen while the top manifold gets those hard to reach places like the top of the backs on SUV's."

    Cedric Ekimyan

    Drive Thru Express Car Wash
    Anaheim, CA

  • Valencia Auto Spa

    "To adapt to changing times, weather patterns, and market conditions, we set out to re-invent the traditional full-service hand wash, here at Valencia AutoSpa. We looked to the leader in carwashing; SONNY'S The Car Wash Factory, and their Select Service Organization (SSO), Metro International to help us to acheive our vision of more choices, better quality, in less time, and with less labor!"

    Randy Cressall
    Valencia Auto Spa
    Valencia, CA

  • Speedy Shine Express

    "SONNY'S proved to be the most cost effective solution for Speedy Shine's equipment needs and provided a one-stop solution from design through installation, to post-opening support. I would definitely use SONNY'S equipment again. "

    Russell and Missy Ross
    Speedy Shine Express
    Colorado Springs, CO

  • Bill's Car Wash

    "The Pendulum only requires a single pumping station and has no choice but to follow the wheels perfectly, every time; it's really an ingenious wheel washer. We have virtually eliminated the need for prepping or any final cleaning of the wheels which has been a huge labor saver. It never misses a wheel - I can't say enough about the Pendulum."

    Bill Walker
    Bill's Car Wash
    Orlando, FL

  • Carriage Car Wash

    "Just seeing the new innovations, the new equipment that they are building, you can see SONNY'S is thinking about us, the car wash operators."

    Fabrizio Carli
    Carriage Car Wash
    Tampa, FL

  • Car Wash Lube

    "SONNY'S was here from day one, participating in every little detail. They are the most unbelievable company to work with."

    Gene Mirvis

    Car Wash Lube
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL

  • Prestige Car Wash

    "The reason we chose SONNY'S was because prior to being manufacturers, they were operators. They see things from our perspective. Whenever I order a part, it's always in stock. It's here ASAP, and they understand how important it is for us to get that part ASAP."

    Jim Gorant
    Prestige Car Wash
    Lauderhill, FL

  • Superwash Express Car Wash

    "The thing about SONNY’S is that they’re not just car wash manufacturer’s; they’re car wash operators and owners, they’ve been in it for 60 years. They manufacture equipment that they know works, they sell you equipment to be successful!"

    Jack Barrett
    Superwash Express Car Wash
    Port Orange, FL

  • Grand Slam Car Wash

    "With a Flex-Serve car wash I wanted to let people know we can do it all. I wanted to have a product with a WOW factor to separate myself from the competition. SONNY’S and CarWash College took care of the rest with their professionalism, equipment and training, which was unsurpassed. "

    Ralph Black
    Grand Slam Car Wash

  • Hennessy Lexus

    "One of the biggest reasons I went with SONNY'S is that the parts are domestic. You're not waiting a week or two weeks to get a part shipped over. We were missing a link for the conveyor and the next day we were back up and ready to go."

    Joe Gaunt
    Hennessy Lexus
    Atlanta, GA

  • Hurricane Bay Car Wash

    "At my 3 latest washes that just opened, I'm using two sets of poodle brushes and a pendulum and I have yet to re-wash a car due to dirty wheels. Customers pass by other washes because they know at Hurricane, we will clean their wheels. When a new customer asks, 'will this wash clean my wheels, because I am always dissapointed' … we run them through and they are amazed at the finished product!"

    Ken & Debbie Emery
    Hurricane Bay Car Wash
    Rome, Woodstock, and Savannah, GA

  • Four Seasons Car Wash

    "Tire dressing is one of the fastest growing extra services on the market today. I added a SONNY'S Simoniz Tire Shine Machine(TM) to my wash and increased my revenue per car without increasing labor. SONNY'S tire dressing machine provides a consistent application day in and day out, and my customers love the long lasting shine."

    Chris Himes
    Four Seasons Car Wash
    Cedartown, GA

  • Sparkle Express Car Wash

    "I couldn’t be successful without good people in the business like SONNY’S and Car Wash Services. It’s a great group and I feel blessed to work with all of you."

    Gary Richardson
    Sparkle Express Car Wash
    Augusta, GA

  • Get Wet Car Wash

    "SONNY'S actually makes shipping inventory and production seem easy."

    Shermane Silva
    Get Wet Car Wash
    New Iberia, LA

  • Washwego Car Wash

    "SONNY'S site plans and mechanical drawings saved me time and money. Together, we rapidly moved from conversation to execution. My express wash opportunity is now an income producing reality."

    Dennis Ogan

    Washwego Car Wash
    Westwego, LA

  • Triple Play Car Wash & Quick Lube

    "SONNY'S has been real good to me since day one. When I started doing homework 5 years ago, I spoke to all the equipment manufacturers and I got the warmest feeling from SONNY'S. I've had a few little issues that they've taken care of. I don't know if it was even their issue, but they took care of it anyway."

    Terrance Elder
    Triple Play Car Wash & Quick Lube
    Attleboro, MA

  • Venture Car Wash

    "I had a drying problem at 2 out of 3 sites. Sonny’s Wet Environment Dryer was a simple and quick fix to both my problems!"

    Pettey Hardin
    Venture Car Wash
    Clinton, Brandon and Ridgeland, MS

  • Venture Car Wash

    "I had a drying problem at 2 out of 3 sites. Sonny’s Wet Environment Dryer was a simple and quick fix to both my problems!"

    Pettey Hardin
    Venture Car Wash
    Clinton, Brandon and Ridgeland, MS

  • Gorilla Car Wash

    "SONNY'S support staff and SSO's have been there every step of the way."

    Brian Blakey
    Gorilla Car Wash
    Asheville, NC

  • Wiki Wiki Car Wash

    "I truly believe we are giving the best wash experience in North Carolina thanks to Sonny’s equipment. I have a fleet account with a high end foreign car importer and regularly wash Aston Martins, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, Porches, and BMWs. The dealer has become a raving fan of Wiki Wiki and only gets the top package for his cars."

    Anna Gacevich
    Wiki Wiki Car Wash
    Charlotte, NC

  • Auto Sheen Car Wash

    "With the proper tire chemical application, SONNY’S Pendulum helps me produce a cleaner wheel with no manual prepping."

    Fadi Najd
    Auto Sheen Car Wash
    Blackwood, NJ

  • Broad Street Car Wash

    "A few years ago I replaced my complete rack and conveyor with SONNY'S equipment. Not only did I purchase the newest equipment the industry had to offer, I also bought peace of mind. I find SONNY'S equipment very user friendly. It's designed by guys that have actually washed cars and not just engineers sitting in an office. The staff and ownership are extremely helpful and friendly."

    Doug Karvelas
    Broad Street Car Wash
    Hamilton, NJ

  • Moore Clean Cars Fast!

    "Beginning to end, SONNY'S helped me to engineer the best, most efficient layout to incorporate a new 135' exterior express tunnel into my existing 8/2. The increased throughput capacity now allows me to consistently provide my customers 'Moore Clean Cars Fast!'"

    Scott Bowen
    Moore Clean Cars Fast!
    Moore, OK

  • OK 1 Stop

    "When I first installed a rollover carwash at one of my four convenience stores I expected to wash 30 to 40 cars per day and draw some additional business for gas and to my C-store. After averaging 102 cars per day with a record of 132 cars in a 16 hour day from the rollover, I decided to convert the bay to a SONNY’S Xtreme Xpress tunnel. Now, after only a couple of months, my new record is 357 cars in just 8 hours from the tunnel! That’s almost 3 times the number of cars in half the time, and my carwash profits are on pace to match & exceed my C-store profits!'"

    Aldo Waters

    OK 1 Stop
    Ardmore, OK

  • Apple Car Wash Express

    "We were very impressed with what SONNY'S showed us - not only in their offices, or their purchasing power, or warehousing capabilities, but also in how they build their equipment. That's why we went with SONNY'S."

    Jon Yinger
    Apple Car Wash Express
    York, PA

  • Scott's Wash & Lube

    "The KISS principle 'Keep It Simple, Smart.' The car wash business is complex enough, your equipment shouldn't be. SONNY'S equipment consistently and effortlessly puts out a clean, dry and shiny car. Six years of operation with zero hours of downtime speaks for itself."

    Scott Egolf
    Scott's Wash & Lube
    Reading, PA

  • Lulu’s Car Wash

    "We have lower traffic counts in this location, but we found out that with the Total Shine System we can offer more value to our customers and get a higher ticket average that customers are willing to pay for."

    Robert Black & Carlos Marban
    Lulu's Car Wash
    Aken, SC

  • Champion Car Wash

    "The old touch-free in my site had over 150,000 washes on it and I was spending as much maintenance money to repair it as I would to replace the unit itself. So I had a decision to make. I did something a little different and replaced it with an Xtreme Xpress tunnel. The old in-bay automatic did well, but it can’t come close or even compare to the revenue that’s generated by this tunnel on the same real estate."

    Tim Jones
    Champion Car Wash
    Nashville, TN

  • Super Shine

    "I knew I could rely on all of SONNY'S equipment to keep my cars clean, my customers coming back and my wash always open and making money. Thanks SONNY'S!"

    Marcia Fitzmaurice
    Super Shine
    Hixson, TN

  • Meyerland Shell

    "SONNY'S delivers quickly. Talk to an operator that uses another brand and ask him how long it takes to get parts. With SONNY'S, I can see my order in 24 hours. It's great."

    Sam Zamar
    Meyerland Shell
    Houston, TX

  • Auto Spa of Heber City, Inc.

    "We really like how Sonny's Top Brush conforms to the body of the car and cleans the hard to reach areas around the windshield. At our location, we wash a very large number of pick-up trucks; having the ability to retract the top brush is very useful. Low maintenance and high versatility makes Sonny's Top Brush our top choice."

    Jim Besendorfer
    Auto Spa of Heber City, Inc.
    Heber City, UT

  • Kahala Shell Car Wash

    "After two and a half years of extensive research of various car wash equipment manufacturers, we at Kahala Shell decided that SONNY’S along with our local Hawaii SSO fit our criteria for our car wash equipment needs."

    Madeleine Snow & Spencer Fernandez
    Kahala Shell Car Wash
    Honolulu, HI

  • Benny's Car Wash

    "On Friday night at 4 o'clock when you call up and need a piece of equipment overnight - with SONNY'S you can get it."

    Justin Alford
    Benny's Car Wash
    Baton Rouge, LA

  • Boomerang Carwash

    "What I love about SONNY'S is that they have stuff that's easy to get. We use SONNY'S equipment in all of our car washes. It's consistent and their team is reliable. We know what to expect in service and support from them and SONNY'S always delivers it."

    Ed Colvard
    Boomerang Carwash
    Shreveport, LA

  • StarWash

    "I want to thank SONNY’S for all their help in making this happen. The fact that we never had to worry about the equipment going down allowed us to focus on the most important part of our business — delivering a positive experience to our customers."

    J.T. Thomson
    South Jordan, UT

  • Aquamatic Car Wash

    “It took me 15 years to turn my dream of opening a car wash into reality, but last year we opened our 100ft flex-serve tunnel with café to remarkable success! Having planned every detail of my wash for so long, when it was time finally to select the right equipment supplier for my dream - I chose SONNY’S. The stability and reliability of their company and equipment has helped make my vision come true - in just the first two months of operation, we washed over 10,000 cars per month!”

    Vadim Ivanov
    Aquamatic Car Wash
    Omsk, Russia

  • Grand Wash Auto

    "I had to make the hardest decision ever, be the first 140ft Express tunnel in Australia. It was all made easy when I met with Paul Fazio and Anthony Analetto. I told them that I wanted a Clean, Shiny, Dry car. They were the only ones that showed me proof of a Clean, Shiny, Dry car. And, I also wanted to be able to service our own equipment, and that we didn’t need an engineer to service our site. I have definitely made the best decision. We’ve had no downtime in the 9 months of operation. That to me, is priceless. Reliability and performance is definitely important to us — all the way over here in Australia."

    Lee Sadiku
    Grand Wash Auto
    Victoria, Australia

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