Contact Information

Normal Business Hours

Office: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM ET
Customer Service: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM ET

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

11/28 - Thanksgiving: Office Closed

Christmas Holiday Hours

12/24 - Christmas Eve: Closing at 2:00 PM ET
12/25 - Christmas Day: Office Closed

New Year's Holiday Hours

12/31 - New Year's Eve: Closing at 3:00 PM ET
1/1 - New Year's Day: Office Closed

Emergency Contacts
Car Wash Equipment Sales
Cell Phone
Ron Lick (912) 441-1698
Preston Picard (954) 531-4462
Frank Cazares (786) 367-8163
Terry McGuire (248) 342-2178
Mark Dominguez (954) 303-5304
Bryan Hage (954) 260-7465
Kati Pierce (865) 599-3711
CarWash Controls
Cell Phone
(800) 327-8723 ext. 251
Regi Flanagan (626) 376-1012
Eric Pinzon (954) 729-1518
Nick Kerns (943) 234-7804
After Hours (800) 876-3900
Car Wash Parts & Supplies
Cell Phone
Robert Picard (954) 531-7793
Richard Ovalles (954) 242-6990
Car Wash Emergencies
Cell Phone
Anthony Analetto (954) 609-7800
Robert Andre (305) 215-4904
Robert Picard (954) 531-7793
Kati Pierce (954) 415-6765
Paul Fazio (954) 629-3965
Ron Lick (912) 441-1698
Dan Kaiserian (954) 319-0597
Contacts Email Extension
President Tunnel Equipment: Anthony Analetto 104
VP Sales: Kati Pierce 106
VP Compact Tunnel Sales: Kevin Collette 139
VP Training & Education: Robert Andre 178
Director Equipment Sales Eastern US: Ron Lick 227
Manager Equipment Sales Eastern US: Preston Picard 195
Manager Equipment Sales Northeast / International: Frank Cazares 226
Manager Equipment Sales: Terry McGuire 224
Managing Director of Business Development & Training: Brad Sorenson 230
New Business Development: Bob Fox 230
Tunnel Equipment Sales Administration: Kristen Cole 223
Tunnel Equipment Sales Administration: Lesley Blalock 223
Tunnel Equipment Sales Administration: Mark Dominguez 132
Equipment Technical Support Team 234
Contacts Phone Email Extension
Order entry English (800) 327-8723   200
Order entry Spanish (800) 327-8723   201
Chain-Cloth- Rollers English (800) 327-8723   203
Chain-Cloth- Rollers Spanish (800) 327-8723   204
Customer Service & RMA Manager   196
Catalog & Business Development - CarWash Parts   105
Parts & Supplies Technical Support Team   234
Contacts Email Extension
Vice President CarWash Controls: Regi Flanagan 168
Sales: Erick Pinzon 146
Sales: Nick Kerns 145
Lead Technical Support: Sandra Vargas 251
Technical Support Help Desk 251
Contacts Email Extension
Business Development & Instructor CarWash College: Bob Fox 184
CarWash College Administrator & Registrar : Nancy Leva Schwartz 189
Contacts Email Extension
CEO: Paul Fazio 101
President Tunnel Equipment: Anthony Analetto 104
CFO: Lynn Skillen 103
VP Sales & Marketing: Kati Pierce 106
VP Training: Robert Andre 178
VP Marketing: Robert Morris 152
Operations Manager: Dan Kaiserian 160
Supply Chain Manager: Carol Bell 142
CAD Manager: Luis Verdecia 185
Human Resource Manager: Melanie Marino 138
Director of I.T.: Nick Fazio 179
Cost Accounting Manager: Lina M. Ramirez 137

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