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Top Brush
Material ID: BRUSH_TOP
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Footprint Width144in3.65m
Vehicle Clearance90in2.28m
Water Inlet3/4in19mm

Footprint Length

Narrow Frame114in2.89m
Combo Frame117in2.77m
With Tire Brush175in4.44m
With Straight Wrap240in6.06m
With DoubleJog Wrap258in6.55m
Electric Option3-Phase 208-460V Per Motor
Hydraulic Option6GPM Per Motor

Why Choose SONNY'S TOP2K14™ Hush Brush Top Brush?

  • Gentle NeoGlide Foam Hush Brush doesn't absorb water and delivers a consistent, balanced wash every time - regardless of volume. Available Barber Pole Brush alternates material color for a swirling visual effect with great curb appeal.
  • Automatic Truck Bed Retract option uses sonar to detect open truck beds and retracts the top brush and blowers to ensure labor-free, reliable performance.
  • Durable QuadX foundation frame allows you to expand your wash capacity by converting your top brush into a combination unit with Wrap-Arounds, TBG300 Tire Brush, and a variety of side and rocker brushes to elevate cleaning performance in a smaller footprint.
TOP2K14 Top Brush
  • All water solenoids
  • Air retract kit
  • NeoGlide Hush Brush
  • Motor controls or hydraulic power packs depending on drive selection
  • Chemical dispensing system
  • Powder coating
  • TruckBed Retract System
Popular Foundation Frame Configurations
With SFB 21in Side WasherWith Straight Entrance Wraps

With Exit DoubleJog WrapsWith Exit DoubleJog Wraps, Tire Brush, and SFTBG 18in Rocker Brush
TOP2K14 Foundation Frame Attachment Options
Straight WrapsEntrance or Exit of Combo Framenewwith NeoGlide Hush
with Alcantara
newwith Barber Pole Brush
Double Jog WrapsEntrance or Exit of Combo Framenewwith NeoGlide Hush
with Alcantara
newwith Barber Pole Brush
Tire BrushLegs of Standard or Combo Framewith Poodle Brush Plus
with Bison Brush
SFTBG 18in Rocker BrushMounts to TireBrushwith PermaColor Cloth
newwith NeoGlide Hush
SFB 21in Side WasherEntrance of Standard or Combo Framewith PermaColor Cloth
newwith NeoGlide Hush
Protect & beautify your equipment with optional powder coating. Call for pricing.

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