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Tire Brush Attachment
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Footprint Length184in4.7m
Footprint Width144in3.65m
Hydraulic Option*6GPM
Electric Option1HP 3-Phase 208-460V per Motor


Why Choose SONNY'S TBG300™ Tire & Wheel Brushes?

  • new TBG300™ frame features adjustable extended Banana Peel Guide Rails that deliver lower clearance and eliminate run-over from larger trucks. Redesigned passenger-side brush arms provide wider clearance with fewer bearings and grease points.
  • Choose from three re-buildable brush designs for your specific requirements, all interchangable with our standard TBG300™ frame with UniHub design that lets you replace only worn sections of the brush to save money on maintenance.
  • Attach your TBG300™ directly underneath a Top Brush or SFM901 Front-to-Back Mitter Foundation Frame to increase wash capacity in less space.


TBG300 Poodle Brush PLUS™

SONNY'S exclusive re-buildable Poodle Brush™ PLUS features one short and one tall molded ring with flagged bristle material that helps reach into the wheel as well as clean the tire and white lettering.

TBG300 Bison Brush™

SONNY'S exclusive re-buildable Bison Brush™ alternates short and tall flagged brustles on each brush to provide great cleaning power to wheels of all sizes while reaching deeper into the rims.

TBG300 Ninja Brush™

SONNY'S exclusive re-buildable Ninja Brush™ features closed-cell foam fingers that reach deep into the wheel to safely clean even the lowest profile and most intricate rims.

SFTBG18 in Rocker Brush

SONNY'S SFTBG18 Rocker Brush mounts to the arm of our TBG300 Tire Brush to provide dramatic wheel and lower surface cleaning results in less tunnel space.

TBG300™ Tire & Wheel Brushes
  • Drive Motor Selected
  • DS/PS Floor Mount Brackets
  • Air Retract with Inward Pressure
  • Motor controls or hydraulic power back depending on drive selection
  • Powder coating
  • SFTBG18 Rocker Brush
Hub Configuration
  PoodlePlus Bison Ninja
Flange 3-Bolt 4-Bolt 4-Bolt
Hub 4 Key-Out 4 Key-Out 4 Key-Out
Brush Section 4in 3in 6in
Protect & beautify your equipment with optional powder coating. Call for pricing.

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