Tunnel Equipment Wash Equipment SF50 Light Touch Front Grill Brush

SF50 Light Touch Front Grill Brush

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  SF50 Light Touch Front Grill Brush
  Inches Metric
Footprint Length 125in 3.17m
Footprint Width 144in 3.65m
Unit Height 142in 3.60m
Vehicle Clearance 90in 2.28m
Water Inlet1/2in13mm
Hydraulic Option 4GPM Per Motor
Electric Option 1HP 3-Phase 208-460V per Motor
  Hub Configuration
Inches Metric
Top Hub 6in 152mm
Middle Hub 10in 254mm
Bottom Hub12in305mm
Top Hub Slots28
Middle Hub Slots36
Bottom Hub Slots44

Why Choose SONNY'S SF50 Front Grill Brush?

  • Cannot bend license plates since they rotate “at” the vehicle in the opposite rotation of a Wrap-Around Washer
  • Includes full retract capability along with a pre-plumbed cross-over arch for easy installation.
  • Multi-tiered hub delivers optimal penetration and movement — permitting a single side washer to remove heavy rocker panel dirt while delivering deep gentle cleaning to contoured sides and mirror backs.
  • Adjustable shock absorbers for accurate pressure and material penetration.
SF50 Light Touch Front Grill Brush
  • All water solenoids
  • Drive motor selected
  • DS/PS free-standing brushes
  • Full Retract
  • Motor controls or hydraulic power pack depending on drive selection
  • Powder coating
Protect & beautify your equipment with optional powder coating. Call for pricing.
SF50 Front Grill Brushwith NeoGlide Hush

SF50 Front Grill Brush Retrofit Kit

This conversion kit comes with four double roller bearings and redesigned primary arms and legs to upgrade your existing Grill Brush to SONNY'S latest design for more effective and gentler cleaning on the front of vehicles.

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