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Compact Top Brush

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Footprint Width 144in
Height 140in
Vehicle Clearance 90in
Water Inlet 3/4in
Electric Option 3-Phase 208-460V

Compact Top Brush Retrofit & Base Frame

Description Material
CTB Retrofit Only NEOGLIDE® Hush Brush
Compact Top Brush NEOGLIDE® Hush Brush

Material Option

Neoglide Hush foam series

Hush Brush™ Foam Series

HushBrush™ design reduces noise and allows better contact with the durability of NEOGLIDE® Foam Wash Material.

Shown with Optional Powder Coating

Compact Top Brush Attachment Options

Sonny’s Compact Top Brush Frame allows for multiple attachments to increase cleaning power.

  • 1Wraps
    • Options: Straight or Double Jog Arm
    • Power Options: Hydraulic and/or Electric
    • Placement: Entrance or Exit
    • Material: NEOGLIDE® Hush or Wrap Twist™
  • 2Side Washers
    • Options: 18in and 21in
    • Power Options: Hydraulic or Electric
    • Material: NEOGLIDE® Hush or PermaColor®
  • 3Tire Brush
    • Options: Bison™ Brush, Ninja Brush™, Poodle Brush or Poodle Brush™ PLUS
    • Power Options: Hydraulic or Electric

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