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Vacuum Boom Systems
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  • Customers have easy access to your vacuum stations.
  • Boom design keeps hoses securely off the ground for better access to both sides of the vehicle while reducing wear and tear.
  • Multiple attachment options for mat holders, trash receptacles, and LED lights.
  • Optional Cyclone Trash separators can be installed at each vacuum boom to prevent clogged lines.
  • Booms are available in both Polished Stainless Steel and Powder Coated Aluminum.

Select Your Vacuum Drop Kits

Single Vacuum Drop Kit
Includes: (1) inlet valve (1) hose vlaves (1) cuff (1) swivel cuff (1) tool & holster selected
Dual Vacuum Drop Kit
Includes: (1) double Y adapter (2) inlet valves (2) hose valves (2) cuffs (2) swivel cuffs (2) tools & holsters selected
1 1/2in Vacuum Hose (Box)
Requires 1 Box of hose for every 3 drops


Select Your Attachments

Vacuum, Trash Collector Cyclone
Trash Receptable with Removable Tank and Mounting Bracket
Canopy, Vacuum Boom Fabric
Item # Description
Vacuum, Trash Collector Cyclone
10012022 Stainless Steel Branded Trash Receptacle
40011545 Receptacle W/Bracket OCC Blk 15”Diax30”H
10011976 Tank, OCC 16-Gal Round 14”D x 27”H Black
20015094 Mat Holder Single Nozzle Assembly
20015095+ Mat Holder Dual Nozzle Assembly
20006846 Vacuum Express Holster with Bracket Only
Canopy, Vacuum Boom Fabric

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