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2800 Series
  • 28” per second high speed external operator
  • Completely water & dust proof
  • 24/40*/70† Cycles per hour
  • 110 Volt motor
  • Direct quill drive to door
  • Sealed oil bath right angle drive
  • Manual crank override in case of power failure

*With high duty cycle upgrade †with high duty cycle and fan kit upgrade


Mount outside to the Face of the building

Face Mount

Mount outside to the Face of the building

Projection Mount

Mount inside the building beyond the existing security door.

  • Custom aluminum standoff brackets and corner gussets used to extend the door from the wall past the existing door.
  • Vinyl filler panels included to fill the space between the wall and the door.
HarshGuard Doors
  • Extruded PVC Side: Seals Ensures a tight seal along vertical edges
  • Custom Fiberglass Windbars: Bend if loaded, won’t break or kink
  • Custom Extruded Aluminum Side Beams: 2” deep sleek design
  • Slanted Upper Box: Slanted upper box allows for water run off
  • Auto Reset: Automatically resets after impact or blow out
  • Reverse Safety Feature: Door automatically reverses if photo eye beam is broken.
  • Stainless Steel & Aluminum Components: Ensures durability against elements and chemicals



Material & Sizes

Goff’s G-2 Doors Come in Custom Sizes up to 16’ x 16’
  • Welded seam construction
  • Easily replaceable panels
  • 18 oz vinyl & 40 mil clear PVC
18 oz Vinyl Color Options
Control Options
  • Pull Cord
  • Remote Control
  • Nema 4 (Standard)
  • Nema 1
Description Price
RFQ G2 Harshguard Door 10 x 12 CALL
RFQ G2 Harshguard Door 10 x 10 CALL

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