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Photo Eye Entrance System
  • Built-in 5° lens with 20 meter range
  • High immunity to ambient light
  • High penetration power for harsh environments
  • 15 meter shielded PVC cable
  • A pair of aluminum stands
  • 4 Ft. Aluminum Stands
  • With adjustable angle brackets and pre-drilled holes for easy installation 
  • Transmitter / Receiver (with 49ft cable)
  • Amplifier, 11-pin socket, clear protective enclosure 
  • One pair of  aluminum stands
Item Description
20003240 Photo Entrance Eye Syst 24VAC w/Stands
2000162 Photo Entrance Eye Syst 120VAC w/Stands
10007771 Photo Eye System 24VAC without stands
10007772 Photo Eye System 120VAC without stands
20002722 Photo Eye Stands for ES100

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