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Unitec Sentinel Car Wash Pay Station
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Seamless Integration

SONNY’S POS and WashPilot Tunnel Controller are seamlessly integrated with the industry leading Unitec Sentinel Car Wash Entry System. This touch-screen based payment system simplifies the customer transaction experience and increases throughput with speedy transactions. Its available radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology lets you build volume through subscription-based accounts with credit card processing handled directly through your SONNY’S POS with no additional fees. The Unitec Sentinel includes standard marketing components with enhanced packages available to suit advanced requirements.

Sell Monthly Recurring Plans

  • Sell monthly plans from your express lanes 
  • Quickly redeem plan washes from the Sentinel

Unitec Sentinel Software Features

  • Supports up to 8 wash packages (2 groups of 4 washes) 
  • Wash menu function shows content of each wash package 
  • Bilingual screen and voice capabilities (English and Spanish) 
  • Promotions such as club plans, discounts, and fund-raisers 
  • Allows for the sale of optional services such as tire shine and surface protectants 
  • VIP Wash Coupon acceptance 
  • Post-sale advertisement shows while the customer is waiting for the wash to become available 
  • Optional enhanced marketing package for VIP Wash Pass cards, house account applications and multi-site gift cards 
  • Optional POS interface allows car wash codes to be sold at the gas dispensers or in the C-Store

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