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Sonny's Tunnel Controller

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PLC Tunnel Controller

  • Entry Keypad Configuration

    Simple online drag-and-drop button editor allows you to quickly and easily configure all the buttons needed on the keypad. Password protect buttons to limit employee access.

  • Queue Management Sequential or Random

    Easily manage your queue from the Entry Keypad. Add, remove and reorder vehicles. If a vehicle needs to step out of line, place them on hold and reinsert into the queue when ready.

  • Multi-Site Tunnel Management

    Manage and configure all of your tunnel locations online – all from one single interface that communicates with each individual site.

  • Built-in Truck Bed Retract

    Automatically identify both open and covered truck beds, retracting assigned tunnel equipment to protect your customer, your property and save on chemical and water usage.

  • Function Configuration

    Configure standard, special and signage functions. Program up to 170 functions, turn equipment on at various points of a vehicle and schedule functions to activate on selected days and times.

  • Built-in* Gate Controller

    Seamlessly control the flow of your site to ensure that cars clear your gates and stay in sequence.

  • Input Alarming

    Trigger alarms based on activating an input to keep you aware of any equipment failures or fluid levels. Automatically stop the conveyor for any critical alarms. All displayed on the Entry Keypad.

  • Photo-Eye Bypass

    Gain real-time insight into unpaid washes triggered by the photoeyes or tunnel entry keypad.

*Built-in options are pre-installed at the factory prior to shipment.

RETROFIT YOUR OLDER SYSTEM with the latest technology regardless of the brand you currently have without re-wiring your tunnel! Identical interface and Programming as larger standard tunnel controller. Takes over existing relays.

Tunnel Controller Retrofit Kits

Tunnel Controller: Back Office Cloud Management

  • Multi-Site Tunnel Management

    Manage all your tunnel locations from one interface

  • Complete Custom Configuration

    Set your tunnel length, min/max vehicle, pulse resolution, queue style, pulse resolution and more

  • Schedule Outputs

    Schedule anything on your site to turn on or off at set times and days

  • Input Alarming

    Trigger alarms based on inputs going false to true or true to false

  • Output Configuration

    Complete control of multiple on/off locations

  • Wash Package Configuration

    Visual Push button editor Drag and drop your entry keypad buttons to fit the layout you desire

  • Add On Equipment Configuration

    Manage your Truck Bed detection, gate controller and conveyor speed control all from one location

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