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The WashPilot Tunnel Controller is the ideal solution for car wash businesses that require better performance from their automated equipment. With a centralized control system, the left hand always knows what the right hand is doing, and your business benefits from the statistics that inform you of every action that occurs. You’ll be able to get an accurate car count and precisely determine your expenses. 

The WashPilot accommodates nearly every car wash and is built to grow as you grow. If you add equipment to your tunnel, you can add relays to your controller system without replacing what you have. The relays themselves efficiently combine functions allowing you to program your tunnel controls to take advantage of shared conditions or specific applications. A lighted sign, for example, can be paired to concurrently activate with an applicator, or use the tire switch input to restrict any functions that affect tires only.

This car wash controller system also integrates seamlessly with the SONNY’S POS System. When you integrate the two systems together, your business will have the management reporting and control it needs to reduce expenditures, maximize customer loyalty, and develop a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

For a new project, operators can find huge time and money savings by having their WashPilot tunnel controller integrated into the Motor Control Center and pre-wired at the factory. When the WashPilot controller is integrated directly into the Motor Control Center, we can pre-wire all the motor starters to the relays that will be controlling them, as well as provide a detailed wiring diagram for an electrician that will guide him through the control wiring. This also allows us to provide operators with an added level of support since we will know exactly how their system is wired. This can save a new wash thousands of dollars in electrician costs and prevent costly wiring mistakes.

Easily Expands to112 Functions

WashPilot relay functions are added in banks of 8, allowing for easy expansion to your equipment controls. If you extend your services or incorporate more sophisticated devices, you can add banks or even complete relay boxes as needed, up to 112 functions.

Simulated Pulse Switch

WashPilot can activate a simulated pulse switch in the event your conveyor pulse switch fails, allowing you to continue washing cars until the repair is made. The system automatically saves the last good pulse which can then be modified for maximum performance.

Look Ahead Feature

WashPilot’s Look Ahead feature helps you save energy and motor wear by keeping equipment in standby if another car is detected in the tunnel.

Double-Pole, Double-Throw Relays

WashPilot’s relay configuration allows multiple functions to utilize one switch, increasing the efficiency and quantity of controlled actions.

Remote Access

WashPilot is web enabled. The management console operates through a web browser rather than an installed software package. You can connect to the controller to make changes to your settings from any computer connected to your office network, or setup access from any computer connected to the Internet.

Built-in Anti Collision

WashPilot includes built-in anti collision controls that require only one input and ties into your conveyor start and stop relays, eliminating the need to dedicate a separate relay to this function.

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