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Built-in Conveyor Speed Controller

SONNY’S Conveyor Speed Auto Controller counts cars as they’re being processed, compares that to a preset conveyors speed, and increases or decreases throughput based on the locations’ ability to process demand.

Built-in Truck Bed Retract

Truck Bed Retract Automatic Controller eliminates the need for a human attendant to retract equipment. Available sonar sensor identifies open and covered truck beds and performs necessary retracts automatically while customers receive the best possible wash. Capable of automatically retracting top brushes, turning off applicators, and activating dryer Gators™ over open truck beds, this built-in feature saves chemistry, energy, and improves your customer’s experience in the tunnel.

Built-in Gate Controller

SONNY’S Gate Controller seamlessly controls the flow of your site ensuring cars clear your gates, stay in sequential order, and that accidents are avoided.

Tunnel Controller: Back Office Cloud Management

Multi-Site Tunnel Management

Manage all your tunnel locations from one interface

Complete Custom Configuration

Set your tunnel length, min/max vehicle, pulse resolution, queue style, pulse resolution and more

Schedule Outputs

Schedule anything on your site to turn on or off at set times and days

Input Alarming

Trigger alarms based on inputs going false to true or true to false

Output Configuration

Complete control of multiple on/off locations

Wash Package Configuration

Visual Push button editor Drag and drop your entry keypad buttons to fit the layout you desire

Add On Equipment Configuration

Manage your Truck Bed detection, gate controller and conveyor speed control all from one location

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