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SONNY'S Pay Station

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  • Dispense Gift Card and Wash Card (Optional)

  • Built-in Security Door and Locks

  • USB plug-and-play components

  • Lockable Security Bar Prevents Access to Cash Boxes

  • Unlimited Plans

    Quickly sell, redeem, and renew unlimited plans directly from the pay station. Plus, with License Plate Recognition (LPR) or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), customers can access your wash quickly and easily through express lanes, minimizing your customer wait time.

  • Process House/Fleet Accounts

    Sonny’s Pay Station allows corporate customers to seamlessly receive discounts, redeem specific washes and make purchases with RFID tags and cards.

  • Gift Cards & Wash Cards

    Conveniently sell, recharge, and dispense all cards directly from your Sonny’s Pay Station. The card is programmed as a gift card or wash card when purchased and dispensed to the customer ready for instant redemption.

  • Built-in Security

    Protect your investment with a stainless steel enclosure and keep your pay station safe from damage and theft with a built-in stainless steel security door that easily folds back and secures for normal operations and additional marketing.

Truly Flexible

  • USB Plug-and-Play Compatibility

    If a component fails, unplug the malfunctioning item and plug in the new one—no need for complicated wiring of board replacements.

  • Device Monitoring

    Status of all devices on the POS to streamline troubleshooting and know if something needs to be repaired or replenished.

  • Scheduled Promotions

    Automatically change the Pay Station price for time-based promos, redeem discounts and issue event promos.

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