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SONNY'S Pay Station

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Product Benefits

Monthly/ Annual Memberships

Quickly sell, redeem and renew membership plans directly from the pay station. Add License Plate Recognition (LPR) to eliminate RFID tags, reduce barriers for conversion and reduce labor.

Gift Cards & Wash Cards

Conveniently sell, recharge and dispense cards directly from the Pay Station. When purchased the card is programmed, dispensed and ready for use. (Option to generate a receipt barcode instead of dispensing a card.)

Process House/ Fleet Accounts

Process corporate customers with LPR or RFID. Seamlessly redeem any wash or a specific wash and provide discounts on purchases.

Built-in Security

The stainless-steel enclosure keeps your pay station safe from damage and theft. The built-in stainless-steel security door folds back easily, creating additional space for marketing on the inside door panel.

Powerful Promotions

Provides a host of useful features and promotional opportunities like:

  • One time use codes
  • Bounce Backs
  • Happy Hours
  • Discounts
  • Text Sign Up
  • Upsell on last visit (with LPR)
  • Retargeting (with LPR)
  • Lottery Wash (with LPR)
  • Fundraisers
  • … and more!

Security Door

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