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High Pressure Pump Assembly
Material ID: HP_PUMP
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  • Includes in-line strainer to protect pump and prevent nozzle clogging
  • Each tank equipped with 1in automatic fill valve, rated at 70GPM
  • Overflow manifold mounted to tank to keep motor dry in case of overflow
  • Available with Wanner H-25 pump rated for a maximum delivery of 20GPM @ 1000PSI or Wanner D-35 pump rated for a maximum delivery of 35GPM @ 1200PSI
  H-25 Pump Stations D-35 Pump Stations
  Single Dual Single Dual
Length 40in 40in 46in 46in
Width 33in 33in 33in 33in
Height 53in 84in 88in 88in
Water Inlet 1in 1in (2) 1in (2) 1in
Tank Capacity 40 Gal 52 Gal 92 Gal 92 Gal.
Maximum Delivery 20GPM @1000PSI 35GPM@1200
Electric Option 208-230/460V AC 3- Phase 50/60hz

SONNY'S H-25 Pumping Stations

Pump Station, H-25 Single
Pump Station, H-25 Double

SONNY'S D-35 Pumping Stations

Pump Station D35 Single With Tank
Pump Station, D-35 Double, 1 Tank

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