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Car Wash Video Security System
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  • Each TunnelMax-HD Network Video Recorder (NVR) is custom built and outfitted with the latest processing technology that is designed to smoothly run up to 24 or more HD cameras simultaneously.

  • TunnelMax-HD NVRs have on-board back-up clone drives, solid-state operating drives, high-end power supplies, and multiple storage drives actually designed solely for CCTV video storage.

  • TunnelMax-HD’s 4K Ultra-HD recording capabilities provide much clearer pictures with resolutions many times higher than budget systems that are obsolete from the outset, as most of them cannot record resolutions any higher than 720P or 1080P.

  • Because TunnelMax’s HD cameras use premium HD varifocal lenses that optically zoom in the image, they can be better positioned much further away from the vehicle than cameras mounted to an arch or stick.  This reduces the damaging effects of water and prep overspray that will collect on camera coverings/housings and eventually destroy them. 

  • Unlike other systems, there is no picture degradation between live viewing and playback of recorded archives.  This is a key feature when reviewing damage claims leveled by customers.

  • TunnelMax-HD’s superior compression technology allows operators to quickly view all of their cameras remotely (live or playback) from their PCs, Smartphone, and Tablets…all in Full HD quality!

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