Tunnel Equipment Pre-Wash Equipment Presoak Applicator Arches

Presoak Applicator Arches
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  Inches Metric
Footprint Length 10in 254mm
Footprint Width 144in


Unit Height 97in 2.46m
Vehicle Clearance 90in 2.28m
Water & Chemical Feed 1/2in 13m
Air Connection 3/8in 9.52mm
Piping Schedule 80 PVC 1/2in 19mm
Electrical / Air 24/110/220 Volt / 40PSI

Why Choose SONNY'S Pre-Soak Applicators?

  • Multi-directional fixed applicators completely cover the front and sides of the vehicle with two side manifolds while the third top manifold angles towards the wash exit to cover rear surfaces as the vehicle exits the pre-soak arch.
  • Track vehicles to increase contact time at high chain speeds with pivoting applicators available for either side or top manifolds.
  • Patent-pending Quick-Release™ Foam Generators cut chemistry costs and improve foaming action while both simplifying and reducing maintenance.
  • Upgrade pre-soak manifolds to out latest FoamGlo technology and you'll not only "wow" customers with a consistent wash, but dazzle them with a colorful LED light show to increase the perceived value of your pre-soak application.
SONNY'S Pre-Soak Applicator Arches
  • Manifolds
  • K-nozzles
  • Pump Stations
  • Powder coating

SONNY'S Pivoting Applicator Arch
  • Foamers
  • Air Kits
  • Pump Stations
  • Powder coating


Protect & beautify your equipment with optional powder coating. Call for pricing.

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