Tunnel Equipment High-Pressure Wash Equipment Pendulum Side to Side 807 Combo

Pendulum Side to Side 807 Combo

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  SFM807 Mitter / Pendulum Combo TOP2K14 Top Brush / Pendulum Combo
  Inches Metric Inches Metric
Footprint Length 104in 2.641m 132in 3.352m
Footprint Width 152in 3.860m 152in 3.860m
Height 140in (3.556m)
Vehicle Clearance 90in (2.286m)
Water Inlet 1/2in (12.7mm)
Water (Pendulum) Max. 20GPM @ 650-800PSI (1.3 ltrs/ sec 42 kgs/sq cm)
Electric (Mitter) 3-Phase 208-460V Per Motor

SFM807 Mitter Pendulum Combos


  • All water solenoids
  • Electric drive motor


  • Motor controls
  • High-pressure pump station. (Single H25 on Standard spinner or Dual H25 on Spinner Plus)


  • Powder coating

Popular Configurations

Pendulum Spinner Plus

The most powerful Pendulum wheel cleaner we offer to deliver amazingly clean wheels. Requires an additional pump to operate. Sonny’s Pendulum Plus features 3 spinners and 12 of our exclusive Zero-Degree Plus nozzles per side, increasing coverage to thoroughly clean every wheel.

Pendulum Spinner

Four spinning Zero Degree Plus Nozzles and a 15° nozzle center nozzle per side deliver the necessary impact to loosen difficult brake dust and other road grime for wheels that sparkle at conventional chain speeds.

Description Material
SFM807 Mitter Pendulum Combo with MicroClean Material
SFM807 Mitter Pendulum Combo with PermaColor Clothl
SFM807 Mitter Pendulum Combo with EcoFi Material

*Specify 1GPM, 2GPM or 3GPM on your Zero Degree Plus Nozzles Specify 3.5GPM, 4GPM or 4.5GPM nozzles if ordering Turbo Center Nozzles

Pendulum Combo Foundation Frame Attachment Options

Octopus Mirror Blaster

Wider spray pattern with nine nozzles per side completely flush mirror housings.

  • System Includes: All Nozzles
  • Mounting: Pendulum Arm

Mirror Blaster

Conserves rinse water and blasts detergent from mirrors.

  • System Includes: All Nozzles
  • Mounting: Pendulum Arm

Rainbar Mirror Rinse

Completely removes detergent residue resulting in better rying and foam-free mirrors.

  • System Includes: Manifold
  • Mounting: Pendulum Arm

OMNI Single and Dual Manifold Top Attachments

Increased high pressure wash coverage without increasing tunnel length. Available only on SFM807 Mitter Pendulum Combo.

  • System Includes: All Nozzles & Air Kits
  • Mounting: Entrance Side

Custom Color Paint Options Contact your Sonny’s Sales Representative for details

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