Tunnel Equipment High-Pressure Wash Equipment OMNI Basket Side Attachment

OMNI Basket Side Attachment

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  • Zero Degree Plus nozzles
  • Air kits
  • Mounting kit


  • High pressure pump station
  • Motor controls or hydraulic power pack depending on drive selection


  • Powder coating
  • Mounting post

Did You Know?

Tube Nozzles have a clear advantage over MEG nozzles when it comes to water impingement. Water inpingement is the force that removes dirt and grime from the vehicle surfaces.

The long barrel of a tube nozzle and patented water aerating technology, allow the water to flow with a more precise, powerful and longer-distance impingement as demonstrated by the graphic to the left. Tube nozzles are ideal where high pressure is required to reach all the surfaces and crevices of the vehicle without any profiling as in a Sonny's OMNI. An array of tube nozzles are positioned on pivoting frames on the top and side OMNI's to ensure complete cleaning of the vehicle.

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