Tunnel Equipment Foam, RInse, and Wax Equipment Tire seal systems

Tire seal systems
Material ID: TIRE_SEAL
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Inches Metric
Footprint Length 184in 4.7m
Footprint Width 144in 3.65m
Hydraulic Option 6GPM
Electric Option1HP 3-Phase 208-460V per Motor

Why Choose SONNY'S TBG300 Tire Seal Machine?

  • new TBG300 frame features adjustable extended Banana Peel Guide Rails that deliver lower clearance and eliminate run-over from larger trucks. Redesigned passenger-side brush arms provide wider clearance with fewer bearings and grease points.
  • Long-lasting feather-tip design delivers full application on both large and small tires while consuming up to 40% less tire dressing with no wasted product to run-up your chemical costs or run out onto your driveway.
  • Fixed position stainless steel manifold uses round laser-cut holes that drip for more even chemical distribution and consistent application.
  • Can be installed in the drip area mounted to the floor, or directly attached to SONNY'S Buff-N-Dry unit.
TBG300 Tire Seal Machine
  • Oil reservoir
  • Retracts
  • DS Mounted Stop
  • Tire Shine control panel
  • Motor controls or hydraulic power pack depending on drive selection
  • Crossover plumbing arch
  • Powder coating
Protect & beautify your equipment with optional powder coating. Call for pricing.

Tire Shine Machine Control Panel
  • Available in 24V or 110V (specify when ordering)
  • Required for Tire Seal Machine operation
  • Includes Tire Seal retract
Crossover Arch
  • Pre-plumbed to simplify installation
  • Durable QuadX aluminum construction
  • Optional powder coating

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