Tunnel Equipment Foam, RInse, and Wax Equipment Rinse and Wax Arches

Rinse and Wax Arches
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Why Choose SONNY'S Rinse and Sealer Arches?

  • Long-lasting PVC Schedule 80 piping
  • Drain plugs on each manifold
  • Plastic & stainless clamps for piping
  • 4in x 4in QuadX aluminum frame
  • Non-corosive plastic clamps & PVDF plastic nozzles with diaphragm check valves.
Rinse and Sealer Arches
  • PVC manifold
  • PVDF plastic nozzles
  • Water solenoid
  • Powder coating
Manifold Rinse Arch11 per manifold
Manifold Wax Arch9 per manifold
Protect & beautify your equipment with optional powder coating. Call for pricing.

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