Tunnel Equipment Foam, RInse, and Wax Equipment Foaming Bar Arch

Foaming Bar Arch
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  Standard Options
Flow Rate Manifold 4GPM 4GPM with wings
Powder Coating   In colors available
Rain Single Water Solenoid 24VAC/120VAC/240VAC 0.30m x 0.40m
Frame Attachment to Square Arch Only Square Arch

Why Choose SONNY'S Foaming RainBar Applicator?

  • Precision RAIN foam ports cut through turbulence to deliver full coverage.
  • Reduce maintenance, chemistry costs, and improve foaming action with included patent-pending Quick Release Foam Generators.
  • Supports single or triple-color foam applications!
  • ONLY 2 inches wide to fit in tight spaces with included mounting brackets.
Foaming Rainbar Foaming Sheet Applicator
  • Manifold
  • Quick Release Foamers
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Graco Pump Station for Single Color
  • OR G57/Dosatron Single, Dual, or Triple Pump Stations
  • Powder coating
  • Decal
CALLFoaming Rainbar with wings
CALLFoaming Rainbar without wings

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