Tunnel Equipment Drying Systems Wet Environment Blower Generator

Wet Environment Blower Generator
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SONNY’S Wet Environment Air Dryer replaces the motor and impeller of our standard blower with a wash-down duty motor and zinc plated steel impeller that is engineered to install immediately after a low mist rain arch. As water hits the surface of the vehicle, a precise stream of air from the blower displaces water from the surface before it has a chance to pool resulting in less use of drying agent and energy to dry cars.

  • 10HP
  • Scrolled housing
  • Steel impeller and inlet grill
  • Nozzle (your choice)
  • Blower arch
  • Braces (when using more than one arch)
  • Gator Gate
  • SONNY’S TruckBed Concierge sonar retract system

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