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Sonny's Surface Conveyor
Material ID: CONV_SUR

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Inches Metric
Tire Clearance Required 12-1/2in 317.5mm
Vehicle Clearance Required 4-1/2in 114.3mm
Hydraulic Required Varies, based on length
Air Required 2CFM @ 120PSI
Floor Plate - Painted Steel 5/16in 7.9mm

Why Choose Sonny's Surface Conveyor?

  • 14ft roller spacing with reliable air-over-oil chain tensioning system provides consistent tension and easily collapses for faster servicing with less downtime.
  • Features a 5/16in base plate and 5/8in steel log chain for incredible strength, reliability, and life expectancy.
  • 3in x 3in x 1/2in UHMW guide rail is installed on the driver side to provide wheel rim protection.
  • Includes HECO® gearbox with a hydraulic motor and take-up idler drum.
Front Wheel Pull on Demand Includes:* Rear Wheel Push on Demand Includes:*
Entrance Box Entrance Box
Entrance Section Entrance Section
Roller-Up Section, FWP Roller-Up Section, RWP
Filler Section, FWP only Filler Section, RWP only
Exit Section Exit Section
Exit Drive Box Exit Drive Box

Configuration Options

Option 1
All Roller-Up:

Simple & reliable, SONNY'S All Roller-Up conveyor provides an affordable option for low-volume or hand wash tunnels to utilize a conveyor where building constraints call for a limited amount of concrete work.

Option 2
Front Wheel Pull:

Vehicle is driven onto the surface conveyor until the front wheel of that vehicle passes the roller-up opening in the conveyor. The automated roller-up cylinder sends a roller to pull the front driver side wheel and send the vehicle through the wash process.

Option 3
Rear Wheel Push:

A specialized section allows the roller to surface further along the conveyor path. Once the vehicle is placed over the conveyor, the automated roller-up cylinder sends a roller to push the back driver-side wheel and send the vehicle through the wash process.

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