Tunnel Equipment Conveyors SONNY'S Over/Under Conveyor

SONNY'S Over/Under Conveyor
Material ID: CONV_STD_V1.0

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  Inch Metric
Tire Clearance 13-1/2in 343 mm
Top Track 3in x 5in x 1/2in Angle 76mm x 127mm x 12.7mm Angle
Middle Track 3in x 4in x 3/8in Angle 76mm x 102mm x 9.5mm Angle
Bottom Track 3in x 4in x 3/8in Angle 76mm x 102mm x 9.5mm Angle

Conveyor Configuration Options

Step 1:
Choose Your Finish:
Painted Conveyor

Painted Conveyor: Standard surface delivers excellent corrosion resistance at an affordable price.

Galvanized Conveyor

Galvanized Conveyor: Optional surface coating can add years of life to your conveyor frame.

Step 2:
Choose Your Drive:
Hydraulic Drive

Hydraulic Drive: Simple, safe, and durable choice for wet environment applications.

Electric Drive

Electric Drive: Reduce utility consumption and eliminate the potential for hydraulic leaks.

Step 3:
Choose Your Take-Up:
Air Take-up

Air Take-up: Automatically adjusts to keep proper tension and easily releases for maintenance.

Spring Take-up

Spring Take-up: Long time industry standard for durability and reliability.

Step 4:
Choose Your Chain:

Option 1:

Log Chain
Log Chain
  • Most durable
  • Remove links without tools

Option 2:

  • Is the durable industry standard
  • Compatible with older style D88K Chain

Option 3:

  • Remove links without tools

Option 4:

  • Self-locking chain available for 7ft 4in spacing.

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