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SONNY'S Over/Under Conveyor
Material ID: CONV_STD_V1.0
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Tire Clearance


343 mm

Tire Clearance

3in x 5in x 1/2in Angle

76mm x 127mm x 12.7mm Angle

Middle Track

3in x 4in x 3/8in Angle

76mm x 102mm x 9.5mm Angle

Bottom Track

3in x 4in x 3/8in Angle

76mm x 102mm x 9.5mm Angle

Why use Sonny's Over-Under Conveyor?

  • Exclusive Banana Peel Rails and 13-1/2in conveyor deck accommodate today’s low profile tires, wide rims, and all-wheel-drive vehicles, while keeping even the most poorly-aligned vehicle from climbing out.
  • Industry-Leading Soft-Drop Exit Door and Long-Slide Entrance combine to reduce maintenance and deliver unparalleled safety and reliability with a smoother transition onto and off of the conveyor.
  • Works with SC78, all 88 Series Chains, X-458, and our Ultra-Durable Log Chain with either direct connect or our new patented true-track rollers that push vehicles straighter through the wash.
  • Easy Maintenance through access doors with exposed grease fittings.

Conveyor Configuration Options

STEP 1. Choose Your Finish
Painted Conveyor
Standard surface delivers excellent corrosion resistance at an affordable price. 
ORGalvanized Conveyor
Optional surface coating can add years of life to your conveyor frame. 
STEP 2. Choose Your Drive
Hydraulic Drive
Simple, safe and durable choice for wet environment applications.
ORElectric Drive
Reduce utility consumption and eliminate the potential for leaks.
STEP 3. Choose Your Take-up
Air Take-up
Automatically adjusts to keep proper tension and easily releases for maintenance.
ORSpring Take-up
Long time industry standard for durability and reliability.
STEP 4. Choose Your Chain
Log Chain
  • Most durable
  • Remove links without tools
  • Easy to maintain
  • Industry standard
  • Compatible with older style D88K chain
  • Remove links without tools
  • Self-locking chain (Available for 7' 4" spacing. Call for pricing.)


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