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SMC D-A53L Proximity Reed Switch

SMC D-A53L Proximity Reed Switch
Material ID: 20001822
Proximity Reed Switch D-A53L for MacNeil RG440 Conveyor ( 90-150-01-PP ) Lead 9.84ft

Price:$32.79 EA

Encoder Reed Switch for MacNeil®

Reads pulses to turn equipment on and off as
needed. Red light illuminates when turned on.

  • Application: Programmable Logic Control
  • Load Voltage: 24VDC
  • Max. Load current and range: 5 to 50mA (milliamps)
  • Contact Protection Circuit: None
  • Internal voltage drop: 2.4V
  • Lead: 9.84ft. (3 mt.) Oilproof vinyl heavy insulation cable

Type Switches
Feature Proximity Switch
Brand SMC
Used-On MacNeil