Soapy Saddles Case Study

Car Wash Case Study

Soapy Saddles Car Wash

Gas station and c-store integration goes hand-in-hand with car washing.


Ron Reger worked in oil for 18 years, straight out of college. 15 years ago he went out on his own when he decided to build, develop and sell his first gas station. He then found himself more interested in the building and owning side of the business. Today, Reger owns nine gas stations with three car washes. Though his Norco, California location is surrounded by self serve, in-bay, and hand wash car washes and competition is steep, he needed to set his business apart. Reger installed a 65-foot tunnel and branded it Soapy Saddles Express Car Wash.


When looking for a cash flow add-on to his newest gas station business, Reger looked no further than an express car wash. He turned to Sonny’s for wash suggestions and solutions, as well as local project management assistance.

Reger understands the added convenience of speedy service when dealing with multiple profit centers. Soapy Saddles leverages Sonny’s CarWash Controls Fuel Pump Integration to make it easy for customers to buy a wash in-store or at the pump. With c-store, Wetzel Pretzels, car wash, and gas incentives across the whole site, employees push for package car wash memberships with every sale and customers are visiting Fuel Up! as their one-stop shop. He also incorporated License Plate Recognition (LPR) for members to quickly access the express wash service at their convenience.

Reger wanted a fun way to entice customers with attractive packages, signage and easy-to-read menu options. He settled on a digital menu to have packages appear animated and so he could update promotions to match holidays and special offers throughout the year.


The integration of Soapy Saddles express car wash with Fuel Up! Gas Station provides Reger the flexibility to incorporate an additional profit center, while simultaneously keeping employee overhead low. Ron has only one employee per shift dedicated to car wash customers. Soapy Saddles has become such a large part of the business that Reger now has two more car wash sites in the works.

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