Car Wash Case Study: Scrubby's

Car Wash Case Study

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Express Exterior Gas Conversion Breathes New Life Into Site

Second Scrubby's Site Embraced By Local Community

3 years ago, brothers Chase & Charles Howard, a pair of generational operators in the petroleum and convenience market, retrofitted an old dual-bay automatic car wash by replacing one touch-free automatic unit with an express exterior tunnel, and the Scrubby's concept was born. In 2016, we visited Scrubby's in Lumberton, NC and learned how they achieved 400% growth in the months following their site remodel.

Now, the Howard brothers are at it again — launching their second Scrubby's after completely converting a 30-year-old gas station site into a more attractive, environmentally-friendly express exterior car wash. The new location — just outside Myrtle Beach, SC — is the longest tunnel they've built yet, featuring a unique light show, premium on-line waxing, Buff-N-Dry, free vacuums (a local favorite), and multiple pay lanes with RFID capabilities. By delivering on the promise of premium value, Scrubby's became an area favorite, and captured the attention of the local community. Today, Scrubby's has hundreds of monthly unlimited club plan members, ensuring recurring revenue that stands up to bad weather and protects market share.

What's next for the Howard brothers? Over the next several years, Chase and Charles plan on iterating their ultra-popular Scrubby's model across the twelve additional automatic car wash sites they manage, one (or perhaps more!) site conversion or remodel at a time.

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